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01-02-2006, 10:20 AM
Kawliga was a rabbit whom i lost just over a year ago, but he was one of those bunnies that pulled at my heartstrings from the word go and will always have a special place in my heart.
I wanted a mini lop and rang up a lady advertising babies, she said she didn`t have any left but had a 6 mth old dwarflop, so i went out to see him. He was living in a tiny cage with 3 guinea pigs who had barbered half his fur off and obviously had maloclussion and really did look in quite a pityful state but he had the sweetest nature and there was no way i could just leave him there, so of course he came home with me. When hubby first saw him he looked mortified by the state he was in but knew me and knew i would do my best to help this poor little fella, he also soon fell head over heels in love with him too! :D
Ofcourse i took him straight to the vets the next day where they burred his front teeth, gave him some vitamin injections and also started him on treatment for mites, which were also contributing to his lack of fur problem. With much tlc he gradually improved healthwise and was the most loving rabbit ever, always gave kisses, never ran away from you and just adored cuddles but his teeth were a never ending problem, they just grew so damn quick! And he hated having them trimmed, so after much consultation with my vet we decided to have his front teeth removed hoping it would improve things for him.
Unfortunately, Kawliga didn`t cope well with the ga and was in much pain afterwards, so i ended up having to give him regular pain medication and was also syringe feeding him as his mouth was so sore. After about 5 days he started to pick up and was eating mashed food quite well, he especially loved mashed banana. On day 9 i took him back to the vets and he was pleased with the progress he`d made and suggested as it was a nice sunny day to let him have a little time out in his run. Kawliga loved this and binkied around like mad, atlast i thought, my baby`s fighting back. In the evening i tucked him up for the night, gave him a big kiss and went to bed happy..................................
As i strolled down to the buns the next morning i noticed everything seemed rather quiet and when i got to the shed there was my baby dead! I couldn`t believe it, scooped up kawliga in my arms and ran upto the house screaming for my husband, he came running out to see what the commotion was about, took one look at me and also burst out crying, ( this is a 6ft, big built biker i`m talking about. Who to look at everyone things is a hardnut but believe me he`s one great big softie)!
Kawliga was buried in our garden and we brought a special rosebush for him which name in latin meant peace...........................
Sorry this is such a long post but i just wanted to tell people about my special baby. A year and a half later writing this post i am sitting here in tears, not only through sadness but also for the wonderful memories i have of our special boy............................................... ...... Here are a couple of photos of him.



Hope you`re running free and having fun at the bridge little one.
Lots of love mummy & daddy.xxxxxxxxx

01-02-2006, 11:46 AM
Awww, he looked like a very special boy. He had a really kind face. :cry:

01-02-2006, 12:01 PM
I'm so sorry about Kawliga :cry: I know how much it hurts to loose such a special friend. I still cry about Bilbo 7 months on. I also wrote a very long post to tell people about my special little guy, so I know how important it is for you to tell of Kawliga's story. You did so much for him, he sounded so happy binkying around on his last day, he wil take those happy memories with him and binky free at the rainbow bridgexx

01-02-2006, 01:55 PM
aaaaawwwwww :( Kawliga was a poppet :love: , it is lovely to know of him though, and now everyone who reads this thread, can visualise him too :)
Sending you hugs and lots of love
Thinking of you
Adele and all the bunnies

01-02-2006, 02:09 PM
Awww what a lil poppit x

01-02-2006, 04:46 PM
He looks so lovely - what a hansome chap. At least you helped him and he enjoyed life with you. Bless you little man.