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25-09-2005, 12:34 AM
I told my parents about how some of you keep your rabbits in a garden shed and they mentioned that our greenhouse is dropping to bits, hinting that we could get a shed for the rabbits to replace it. As its at the bottom of the garden, our back fence is there then a road then a path where a few people walk by. My friend in the street next to mine had her garden shed (not used for rabbits) set alight maliciously, it was next to the fence and on the other side was a short-cut path into another part of her street. We've had clothes stolen off our washing line so I know people can get into the garden. For this reason I've been put off the idea of getting a shed for my rabbits until I move out, depending on if a shed could be placed nearer my home, their current hutches back onto our house.
Could you use any kind of security on sheds or rabbit hutches for that kind of thing? I've had dreams before of people setting my rabbit hutch on fire or putting fireworks into it, I know thats just because I love my rabbits and don't want them to go away but I wonder could sheds be targeted or are they at higher risk or something? Or am I just being paranoid? :roll: I wish they could be kept indoors but we don't really have the space for a dog crate etc.

taylor v 109
25-09-2005, 12:44 AM
Perhaps it would be best to wait untill you move . There are things you could do such as a smoke alarm that runs on a battery. Also there are little alarms you can buy quiet cheeply that go off if the door is opened, but a good padlock is advisable. val

26-09-2005, 02:02 AM
You can also buy security sheds they cost a little more. These don't have windows as such just small slit like windows at the top so the bunnies wouldn't get much light but they are still made of wood and could be set on fire.

Perhaps it's better to wait until you move?