View Full Version : Marshall Bi-Odor for Rabbits / Sandpaper

11-08-2005, 12:20 PM
Is this available in the UK?...I've given it to both of my adults (and the one that's still with me when she's inside) I'm wondering when I should be able to start the buns on this? If you don't know what it is it's supposed to reduce the smell of the urine (and it does, very very well) Also when can I start giving them things like Papaya Tablets or say Peter Rabbit's hairball preventive? (I haven't tried any of the Peter Rabbit products yet but it's not more readily available)

One other thing House Rabbit Society (not sure if they have any affiliation or headquarters out of the US) recommended sandpaper (medium) glued with non-toxic glue to a heavy piece of cardboard; diggy buns like the surface and run their nails down so there's less nail trimming- When I was looking for plain "old fashioned" sandpaper (which was difficult to find) there was a lot with dyes and aluminum oxide (to keep from leaving residue on sanding surface)

We played it safe and didn't buy any sheets containing the oxide (which was quite the run around to several hardware stores) I don't imagine rabbits would have any desire to ingest it (although I'll watch out for this) but I was wondering if this Aluminum Oxide stuff would be harmful in the presence of rabbits? - Just curiousity. :? :?: