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13-07-2005, 12:42 AM
sorry-i have more questions to ask!! :? :lol:

Gabriel is now around 11 weeks old, im assuming he is old enough to have his vaccinations now but can he have them even if his health isnt the best? for those of you that havnt read my previous posts, Gabriel has been being treated for a runny eye now for 3 weeks(which is still runny :( ) he is also still underweight, although when he was at the vets last week he was weighed again and he had gained around 80g :D at last weeks weigh in he was 640g, im hoping he has put some more weight on again by now as he is so boney the poor little fella. he also has a problem with his skin, and has had 2 injections for mites/lice but it appears, as these injections havnt helped, that it is something more sinister :?

i was also wondering, when should i expect for him to start "spraying"? i know he cant be neutered until his testicles drop, but didnt know whether to prepare myself for him to start doing this before then? and at what age should his testicles drop by?

sorry for so many questions again everyone :oops:

13-07-2005, 08:42 AM
The don't usually start spraying until after their testicles drop and their hormone levels increase. Zeus was a year old and still had not sprayed before he was done but Cosmos was 18months old when I got him and was spraying all over the place. I think often you can get them done before they start - nip it in the bud (or should that be testicles ;) ).

Only your vet can decide if your rabbit is up to having the vaccs I think myxi can be done from 8 weeks but you have to wait another week for the VHD (from 12 weeks), that works out in line with the guidlines about doing myxi first then VHD two weeks after so if your vet thinks he is up to it he could have the first vacc and will be old enough the have the second when it is due.


13-07-2005, 09:05 AM
My vet prefers that rabbits are in reasonably good health before giving them vaccines, as it can make them more ill by giving their immune system more to fight. Yours should be able to advise you: there's been times when my bun is sick and has still had vaccines, and other times when we've postponed them for a couple of weeks.

The vet can check whether or not vaccines can be given with any other medication your rabbit is having, as some medication may cause a reaction.

They'll also take into account the situation of your bun: if you're in a very high risk area for mxyi or VHD they might recommend your bun has the vaccine even though he isn't in good health; if its a low risk area its probably better to postpone it.


My buns testicles had already dropped when I got him at around 6 months old, but he didn't start spraying until he was almost a year old, we got him neutered as soon as we could after that!! I think it varies from rabbit to rabbit. If you're lucky then you might be able to get your bun neutered before he starts spraying :D

Sorry I've gone on a bit!!
I hope that's some help

Kate and Jack xx

13-07-2005, 09:18 AM
Fudge and Treacle were both spraying at 12 weeks I kept taking them to the vets but she made me wait till they were 16 weeks!!! :cry:

So far Splodge has been a little angel in comparison, he's 14 weeks and not a teenage tantrum in sight!!! :lol: