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29-03-2005, 06:59 AM
i checked on the rabbits today and the mom rabbit had just got done peeing well i noticed some yellowish white stuff on the cage where she was sitting at. what could it be? she had just got done feeding the baby rabbits, does that have some thing to do with it? could it be milk?

29-03-2005, 08:37 AM
If it was where she has urinated it means she has been eating a lot of calcium rich food (kale, cabbage etc). Rabbits can't control their calcium uptake from food and just absorb it all they then excrete what they don't need through their urine.

Mine often have slightly cloudy urine that dries white the day after they eat a lot of kale - I am careful not to feed too much calcium rich food as it can build up and form stones.

Was it lumpy and sludgy or quite fluid? If it is lumpy you need to cut out all calcium rich veg and make sure you aren't giving any calcium supplements as the rabbit may be prone to stones. If it is quite fluid just leave off the cabbage etc for a couple of days and feed in smaller quantites.

Also ensure that there is plenty of water available to keep flushing through the system ;) .

As she is still feeding kits make sure she has plenty of other food to keep her strength up though in the forum of pellets, hay and other veg (keep the veg away from the kits though).


29-03-2005, 08:49 AM
it was runny and it was were she went to the bathroom at. i will do what u said. she has plenty of water and food. she has been taking care of the babys but one of them died the other day, and it was one of the ones i liked the most. also i read that keeping records is a good thing to do. but how can i do this i don't know what kind of rabbit she is and i don't know what kind of rabbit the sire was? just thought i'd ask. thanks for the help.

29-03-2005, 09:24 AM
It is mainly important to keep records if you are going into breeding properly then you can check the rabbit's histories, what sort of coloured kits are produced from which matings, numbers, sexes, and birth defects etc.

The main records that would be useful for you would be weights. If you make a note and weigh the kits every three to four days then you can make sure they are all putting on weight evenly and they are all getting a fair share of the food.


29-03-2005, 09:29 AM
ok thanks for the help.