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24-03-2005, 11:53 AM
I am looking after my friends rabbit and guinea pig for the week - they live together and have an 8ft hutch at home but here as we cannot transport that hutch (two 4fts with and adjoining tunnel), they are staying in a considerably smaller one so they said to let them out in the run all day to give them more space. The guinea loves mowing the lawn, we have had new turf put down recently and not mowed it - so it is getting quite long, but within 2-5 hours of being out the once long grass would be as short as she could get it all over the run.
When I come to lift them both out again she has a big tummy - and although droppings never runny she seems not to want her pellets (obviously essential for vit C) and turns her nose up at them. :? I cant tell whether it is her eating them or the rabbit when I have covered them for the night but I give her first pickings as the rabbit can bully her a bit when there is food around. But still she isn't bothered by it.

Should I be restricting the grass intake or will she stop when full :?:

Also how big should a nearly 7-8month old guinea be? I can pick her up in 1 hand but she struggles so I do cradle her but if she was calm enough she would be small enough to fit in one hand - although she has recently gone through a growth suprt a few months earlier LOL

Any help appreciated :)

24-03-2005, 02:26 PM
She sounds about right for a 7-8 month piggie, I can pick up mine with one hand and she is almost two years :lol:

She should be fine to be out on the grass all day I leave mine out and she come in with a fat tummy, I believe grass contains Vit C anyway so I wouldn't worry to much about leaving her out all day.

G.Pigs are designed to roam around a lot so I guess their used to eating large amounts of grass.

I'm not sure I helped any there :oops: :roll:

24-03-2005, 02:30 PM
Not wanting to scare you but I was babysitting my friends 2 piggies and they died in my care :shock: :shock: As instructed I let them out on the grass and when I went back a few hours later they were dead. :shock: Obviously there's no way of knowing exactly what killed them but one of the possible causes was chest probs from the damp grass.

24-03-2005, 07:35 PM
I find if I let my girls out all day long they are not to keen on the pellets afterwards. I wouldnt worry about Vit C, grass contains it and sunlight can give a little amount to. She sounds the right sizer for her age, what breed are they?

24-03-2005, 07:52 PM
Piggies' capacity for grass is truely amazing. I'm sure they eat more than rabbits do. Don't worry about how much they eat, or about the pellets, grass has plenty of vitamin C; but do be careful about putting them out if it is wet. Piggies are prone to skin conditions which are encouraged by damp weather, they can also get chest infections which can be life threatening. It is better to restrict their time in the run than to risk them getting wet or even very damp.