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17-01-2005, 12:19 AM
I was wondering if anyone can help with any home remedies against mites? Someone has contacted me who has rescued 3 baby bunnies around 8 weeks of age and it sounds like they have mites on their fur & around their ears (bald patches, flaky white skin, etc).

This girl wants to rehome these bunnies eventually but currently I think money is a bit tight for vet visits so is looking for a home suggestion first before she makes the trip to the vet.

As I don't know really how bad it is, the mite problem could be just because the bunnies are stressed so hopefully it might go away as they become more healthy. However, does anyone suggest any products or ideas that she could try in the meantime?


17-01-2005, 12:37 AM
There are a couple of medicated shampoos and treatments she can try.

www.gorgeousguineas.com does an anti-parasitic oil soak I have used on Zeus - it relieves the itching but you must do a patch test and read all the instructions first!

Then wash off the oil soak with an anti-parasitic shampoo such as the one by Johnson and Johnson which is specially formulated for small animals (availible from many local pets shops and dare I say it P@H).

I have used this in combination with Ivomec injections when Zeus had fur mites - I think by the sounds of it these buns have mange mites though!

If it doesn't start to clear up within a week to two weeks of these baths she should really consider a visit to the vet for the sake of the poor suffering buns!

It won't just go away as having the intense itching will be causing stress in itself - a vicious cycle - by curing the mites the stress will be reduced and hopefully their levels will remain under control (they are always present in low numbers on rabbits)!


Edit: oil soaks must not be used on GPs under 3 months so I would ask GG whether the buns are too young as well!!

17-01-2005, 12:45 AM
Buy Seleen trade name 'Selsun' from the chemist. (liquid shampoo not soap form)

Ignore human directions & follow the ones below instead......

Wet coat, apply Seleen & work into coat all over avoiding eyes/mouth (put it on, but not in, ears)

Leave on for 5 mins & rinse.

Dry as normal.

Rpt 14 days later as nec.

This treatment is also anti-fungal & a coat-conditioner so good all round even if you are not sure what the cause is.

However seek attention of the vet if the symptoms persist.