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bunny momma
21-12-2019, 12:13 AM
Today I weighed Heidi, my black mini rex, and Madelyn, my lionhead mix.
The verdict is both should win awards for playing the role of starving bunny. Heidi would get one for lead actress and Madelyn for supporting actress. They weigh almost exactly the same, though Heidi has smaller bones than Madelyn.

Heidi is only supposed to get a very small amount of pellets. She has unlimited hay, and she is not good with eating greens. She convinces my spouse that I am starving her and he gives her a some evening pellets after she at the ones I gave her. I do not remove her food bowl when it is empty so he knows she was fed, yet her begging and brown eyes cause him to melt. I admit it is partly my fault because I have hand fed her some pellets in the morning after she ate the pellets spouse gave her. I feel sad for her because she no longer had Gemini to keep her company.

Madelyn has the same restrictions on pellets. She is my lap bunny and she spends lots of time watching what is happing around her. She is so fuzzy and such a good girl that I melt when she wants a few pellets. She is has larger bones then Heidi and she also carries her weight in her rear while Heidi carries it in her back and torso. I wonder if it is like humans where weight around your middle is worse than having it elsewhere.

Madelyn and Heidi were told I am not discriminating against bunnies because I weighed myself on Tuesday. They told me I would be a hypocrite if I limited their intake of pellets and I did not limit my intake, so it seems we all have some new year's resolutions to make.

Meanwhile, my spouse and Raven can eat as many pellets as they want.

21-12-2019, 12:19 AM
The scales don’t lie :lol: I’m glad it has,helped clarify things for you xx

21-12-2019, 05:59 AM