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21-12-2004, 01:14 PM
I just wanted to vent some steam at my own silliness...
Flopsy was tearing around crating havoc as usual last night when she decided to jump upon top of her cage and attempt to chew the Christmas lights round the window (there was me absolutely certain she couldn't reach THAT far). So I ran across the room and shouted NO! She ignored me so I HAD to pick her off the cage and put her on the floor.
She scrabbled and sulked and pretended I was a big scary lady for the rest of the night. :cry:
I'm so annoyed because I have been gradually introducing picking her up in a calm way - lots of under belly stroking and little lifts with lots of bluberry bribes - all going well
And then I come ploughing in and grab her! :roll:
If I hadn't I may have had a fried bunny so I guess I had to.
:!: warning to all (you peeps probably know this!!) - bunnies can be very very tall when they want to be!!! :!:

21-12-2004, 01:25 PM
Hehe, that reminds me of when I realised Xena was deaf...there was me, yelling and yelling...duuuuuuh, she can't hear you, bozo! lol

But yea, mine have surprised me in where they can reach...more bunny proofing for me!

21-12-2004, 01:30 PM
You must be pretty frustrated after all that hard work. But you definitely did the right thing.

Similar thing happened to us last night - I picked up Abbie for the first time ever without her struggling over the weekend. Then last night we were back to the beginning again :( , and it was quite clear I was public enemy number one. And that's the thanks you get for spending the weekend making your garage bunny safe so they've got a great big playground :D

I guess episodes like this will make us all the more chuffed when it all works out in the end!

22-12-2004, 08:20 AM
I knowwww!
Thanks for hearing me let off my steam (that sounds a LITTLE suspect!) :lol:
Ah well, another evning bunny proofing it is :roll:

22-12-2004, 09:16 AM
I just dont think they like being picked up! Only when it suits them.

Out of my 4, Eamon is the only one that never struggles, I have to chase him around a bit before I get him (hes a little wimp and scared of everything) Anna and Thora just freak out and dont like it one bit, there is an odd time when they dont but I have to make sure I have hold securely and hold them close to me.

Squishie on the other hand started off pretty good, could pick her up and stroke her etc etc (shes only diddy) but last night I think she fell out with me! She ery small so I am trying to monitor her weight and make sure she is putting weight on, last night I had a right job at getting to stay still and then get into the scales. She was flying all over so I think shes not my friend anymore :( :(

22-12-2004, 10:41 AM
Gypsy doesn't like being picked up. She'll come racing over to see you and have strokes but if you try to lift her she freaks out and starts kicking and flipping around. Bobtails had been doing some work with her and I'm continuing that. She's definately getting better, though I'm not sure how much is she knows me better and how much is practice. I can now put my hand under her chest and lift her front half without upsetting her.

I found her running lose in the garden day before yesterday so had to do the emergency pick up too. It doesn't seem to have bothered her though.

I'm practicing before food time. I lift her and offer her a pellet, then repeat a couple of times before I fill up their bowl with their dinner. She's rather keen on her food so its a reward and also serves to distract her.


22-12-2004, 11:47 AM
I have thought about doing this, using food as a bargaining thing but whenever I have them they arent interested. I picked Eamon up the other week to look at his nails and generally give him a little look over. I offer him an alfalfa stick (which he loves) and he just didnt move or anything!!!

They are silly bunnies sometimes - mad as mad could be!!

The Fonz
22-12-2004, 11:57 AM
The Fonz absolutely hates being picked up! She follows me around the house and she'll sit in whichever room I'm in, and she comes up for snuggles where I just sit and give her a good strokes for ages, but as soon as she's bored that's it! She's off! If I try to pick her up she goes mental! When I put her back down she'll stomp her feet at me and stay well clear for the rest of the night! But I love her to bits!! :D

Take care & Blessed Be!

22-12-2004, 02:34 PM
I think there is a common comment running here - bunnies are nuts!
But we love them anyway :bunny: