View Full Version : Rabbits chewing lino etc

16-01-2019, 05:53 PM
Hoping this is the right sub-forum for this :?

The buns are eating the lino covering the kickboard in the shed. (We've got the lino going up the sides of the shed a little way in order to protect the walls from wee.) From what I can tell most of it wasn't ingested, though a little seemed to have been from what I could tell from their poo.

Is there some sort of deterrent we could try before taking the lino off the board? No doubts they'd eat the board, too. They have a variety of chew toys, a wooden house, fluffy bathmats put down for warmth that they shred (doesn't get ingested), and tons of hay.

16-01-2019, 06:11 PM
We have lino in the rabbits' shed and it goes up the sides a little way as you have described. My OH has placed a length of mesh right around the base of the walls. It covers the area from just above where the lino finishes and extends to the floor (I guess about 6 inches). He has put pins at stages along the top and it stays in place. It has certainly worked and the rabbits cannot get to the edges of the lino. There is one vulnerable part by the door, where of course there is nothing to pin it to, but otherwise it works perfectly.