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24-11-2004, 08:51 PM
I could really use some help from all you bunny experts.

Is Kaytee ok to feed my bunnies?

The dried food I have now is alfalfa based (13.5% fibre, 13.5% protein, 3.5% fat and 1.0% calcium). Im trying to find pellets that are higher in fibre and lower in fat and calcium, but havent found any in Sweden.

I looked into ordering Oxbow, SS or Excel but it would cost me at least 10/kg (Oxbow is about 30/kg) and as much as I love my babies I just I cant afford it.

I can get my local shop to get Kaytee Exact Rainbow Rabbit (http://www.kaytee.com/products/mammals/?pid=47821&aid=all&pcid=1) and maybe even Timothy Complete (http://www.kaytee.com/products/mammals/?pid=43530&aid=all&pcid=1 )

Are any of them ok? I dont like that they contain Ethoxyquin, but I think Kaytee is better than what Im feeding them now .


24-11-2004, 09:17 PM
Anna, if I remember rightly Timothy Complete looks good, a bit like SS, can't remember the content but I think the fibre content is good too. Don't know if they contain pre- or pro-biotics though. I expect the Rainbow one will be more of a coloured mix and a bun may be more prone to picking out favourite bits and leaving the rest.

Maybe someone else would be able to give you further information though.

Have you researched what Show Breeders give their buns in Sweden?

24-11-2004, 09:31 PM
Thanks for your reply.

Have you researched what Show Breeders give their buns in Sweden?
Most breeders give their rabbits Lottie (which mine are on now) or Carrier which is even lower in fibre and higher in protein and fat. (http://www.svenskahundfoder.se/carrier_kaninmarsvin.htm)

I have asked about 20 breeders and they say that Lottie and Carrier are the best you can find in Sweden. Thats why Im a bit desperate :?

24-11-2004, 09:35 PM
Some bunny owners are now going for the hay & veggies diet with few if any pellets. If you feed mostly hay and veggies and perhaps a tablespoon of pellets then even if the pellets aren't as high in fibre as other brands your bun should get plenty of fibre from the other foods.

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