View Full Version : Try to get a rabbit neutered, end up with a million degus!

24-01-2018, 09:39 PM
As some of you may recall we had a rabbit, Jim, dumped on us just before Christmas. I have spent the day trying to arrange neutering. My vet quoted me 70, which is ok, a lot of the other vets wanted 80-150. As the DWP has been messing me about non stop for the past 3 years I have less money than I should do (until I take them to court again) so I thought I'd look into getting a voucher or somehow lowering the cost, obviously without putting Jim at risk.
The PDSA offered us 50 neutering at their hospital but it's nearly 2 hours away so not really suitable.
The RSPCA local branch said they could do it for 10 if I take him to their approved vet in my town - I bit their hand off obviously :)
I can get Jim done next week, & in 8 weeks I can try him out with my lot, or get him a friend & his own set up - can't wait! He's so bored & lonely, he needs a friend desperately.

However, something totally unexpected happened - I spent aaaaagggges talking to the RSPCA coordinator, a lovely old lady who told me her entire life story, she was asking me about my experience in running a sanctuary from home & the animals we have cared for. I told her we mainly take herbivores - g.pigs, rabbits, chinchillas & degus. She got all excited, said they have rabbit people, cat people, reptile people, even birds of prey people but no chinchilla or degu people. I told her I'd previously adopted a colony of 5 degus from the RSPCA, have had rescue degus for a decade or so & am a helper on a forum much like this one but for goos & chins. She asked if I'd sign up for being the local degu person, I said I'd be happy to advise on nutrition/diet, housing, welfare etc & she could 'phone me any time if she had any questions (she's not online) Then she said would I be able to foster, help with adoptions, home checks, welfare etc. I told her I'm kinda skint & at full capacity & she said they can help with all that. So now I am an official crazy degu lady for the RSPCA & could be fostering some adorable squeekers - they pay for vets, cages, food etc so I can cope :)

Just got to get Jim sorted & I'll have room for a couple of cages of degus down the line. I really hope this makes a difference to the general level of ignorance that surrounds goos - even vets have little idea - my vet 'phones me occasionally with diet or behavioural questions & she's pretty clued up on them! Given they can live more than 10 years, I really hope it helps even one live a longer, healthier, happier life.

I blame Jim for all of this, it's all his fault :roll:

25-01-2018, 08:00 AM
That's great, sharing knowledge and education is the best way to ensure animals are looked after properly. Just make sure you don't take on too many!

25-01-2018, 08:39 AM
That is so good, well done Jim !!! lol

25-01-2018, 11:29 AM
How exciting.

Hope all goes well for Jim. Ten pounds is amazing. Good old RSPCA.