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18-10-2004, 09:50 PM
Kathryn, whom I got Gandalf (Teasle) from has asked if I could possibly put these lovely bunnies on the forum.

Unfortunately she is looking for new homes for these bunnies as she has got a lot of poorly bunnies she is looking after :(

I have met them and they are very sweet buns :)


This is Molly who is the Mum to Megan and Hesper. She came from a pet shop pregnant at 4 months old :( , she is now 8 months. SHe is currently living with Megan and Hesper but is looking for a forever home with a male buns for a companion.


This is Megan,she is very sweet and gentle.

Megan has been difficult to rehome because she had mallocluded teeth as a young baby. her teeth have been trimmed three times at the vets and are now meeting although they are not perfect. It is difficult to know if they will continue to improve as Megan matures - only time will tell so she will need an understanding owner who will cope with her teeth problems as and when they arise.

Megan was raised as a house rabbit so would be ideal if she find a forever home as a house buns with a companion.


This is Hesper.

Hesper is a lovely girl. She is just 12 weeks old. Hesper also hasnt been found a home because she had mallocluded teeth as a young baby - she had her teeth trimmed twice at the vets and although they are not perfect they are meeting at the moment. It is difficult to know if her teeth will get worse or better as she matures so she really needs a special home with an understanding owner who will be able to cope with possible ongoing treatment. Hesper's teeth havent needed to be trimmed for 4 weeks now so they are definately improving.

Hesper has been brought up as a house rabbit and is litter trained.

If anyone is interested in these lovely buns please contact meadowbluehenrietta@hotmail.com

They are located on the South Coast in East Sussex

18-10-2004, 09:51 PM
Sorry about the small pics, but I can't seem to make them any bigger :?

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Tam :)

18-10-2004, 09:59 PM
Thanks Tam :) :)