View Full Version : What would your buns like for Chrismas if they were human?

21-12-2017, 11:37 AM
One of my random chats with the buns whilst feeding them this morning involved asking them what they'd like for Christmas if they were human - the answers I got were:

Bobo - a pipe and a velvet smoking jacket
Bug - baking equipment and arts and crafts stuff
Princess - a pink glittery tiara (pink sapphires and diamonds) and some beauty products
Joey - an action adventure - off road driving or something like that
Sheldon - an X-Box and Call of Duty game
Holly - a Harrods hamper of food treats
Cheyenne - candles and fluffy blankets and cushions
Lenny - a Kindle book, documentaries on DVD

I'm relieved they're not human actually :lol:

What would your bunnies like do you think?

21-12-2017, 12:38 PM
Hmm.... I've no idea. Will have a think and get back to the thread.

So we've decided...

Phoebe - Princess items. Anything to show what a princess she is.

Daphne - Secret spy things. And anything that makes her look cool.

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Craig 1965
21-12-2017, 08:52 PM
What a great question. Well, I suppose, speaking as a human, little Lillian rabbit would probably wish for the ability to trust humans again. She's clearly had some very bad treatment in her past and she's finding it hard to trust us humans again. And I'm sure she would adore a hus-bun who she can groom and bond with and fill her life with companionship. And she'd love a big TV so she can watch re-runs of Blue Planet 2
As for newbie young bun Henry (presently having treatment for a blocked eye gland with his carer), he would probably also love a wife bun to snuggle up to. And a big garden to run off all his young energy in.

21-12-2017, 09:01 PM
I know that Tethra would like two, maybe three, gentle wives, who would snuggle him and groom those bits that he just can't reach.

21-12-2017, 09:14 PM
William would like a thrash metal CD, band tshirts, and for me to stop cleaning up his room because he likes it messy!

Jack is a sweet soul, he doesn't want any presents, instead I'm buying him a goat through Oxfam!

22-12-2017, 12:21 AM
Lola would love a lolly. She licks weird things, her tunnel, the pen bars, her basket even! (Although it actually makes me sad as she is probably desperate for a buddy & it is her need to groom someone :( she is a single bun but so loving!)

Cookie.....hmmm...a big squishy bean bag to sit in. She loves me making nests (literally like a birds nest!) out of hay and she goes and sits in them :love:

Frankie if she was still alive, it would be a ball. Although she actually had one even though she wasn't human. She loved my sons Toy story ball so we let her have it and she would chase it around the house at a hundred miles an hour. If it got wedged in a tunnel she would go through the other end and push it out, or if it was wedged in a corner she would get her nose under it and flip it out & start chasing again. I miss that little smartie pants! She used to take her food bowl into one of her many tunnels she made with hay and when it was food time I'd say "where's your bowl?" And she would go in and get it and toss it down :lol: maybe I would buy her a book on Einstein or something :D