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Craig 1965
15-12-2017, 08:05 PM
Just a quick update to anyone following Lillian and Henry buns exploits. Lillian was spayed yesterday and she's had a rough 24 hours. I felt awful sending her to have the op because she had really begun to slowly mellow and trust us. She'd been coming in and asking for cuddles, watching telly (Blue planet) and she was very much starting to make herself feel as if this was home for her - which it is. She's developed a very healthy apatite and she loves her food. Then we had to send her off to the vets. She's not really keen on being picked up but we eventually got her to the vet and she had her op. All went well and the vet said that she was clearly in good condition and that reflects on the work and care we've put in for her. She came back yesterday evening and was very subdued. We had warned the vets that she was not happy about being handled and they said that she had been 'feisty'.
I spent the night sleeping next to her in the living room so she had to put up with my snoring - but she was warm and as comfortable as we could make her.
She hadn't eaten by this morning and we were concerned. We did get a small amount of rescue remedy into her but it wasn't until mid afternoon that she started having a very small apatite . A few nibbles of parsley and a few pellets and some cranberrys is all she's had. Plenty of water as well and a few bits of hay. She's sitting in her cage on the floor and i'll spend another night next to her keeping her company.Hopefully we're doing everything right.
Henry - well, he has a slight discharge from one of his eyes which the vet diagnosed as a blocked tear duct. We're going to see Wendy whom we got Henry from a few weeks ago, who is ever such a lovely wonderful lady and she said she will have one of her vets look at Henry and perform the appropriate procedure to unblock Henry's gland. So he's having a few days away. He's bombing round the living room like a mad thing and settling in here well. But they're not bonded yet - there's some work to do there. It's probably useful with Henry going away for a couple of days but I feel sad for Henry going away because he's only just getting used to us and it must feel unsettling for him. But he is going to be with a very wonderful person and he's in safe hands. Just wont feel the same here for us. But it gives Lillian a few quiet days to recover.
I'll let you know how they get on in the next few days and hopefully we'll see Lillian perk up a bit more. She's just lying in various positions in her cage, next to the soft toys we've put in for company.

15-12-2017, 08:23 PM
I'm not surprised that Lillian is a bit subdued. It's quite a big operation and they usually take a couple of days to get completely back to normal. I assume that she has some pain relief for you to give her? If not, I suggest that you ask the vet for some. Is she pooing OK? Sending her lots of vibes.

Poor Henry as well :( I hope that his tear duct op goes well and that he's soon back home with you all.

Craig 1965
15-12-2017, 08:55 PM
Yes thank you Omi - we are giving her metacam - quite a strong dose of 20mg once per day. She has had some small poop today - blackish. The vet said that as long as she is pooing, the GI tract is working. Poor thing is just lying in her cage on the towels we've put over the megazorb and towels. You can tell she's not comfortable. Wish I could do more to help her. The metacam is to be given at 20 for the first 3 days then reduce to 10. Thank you for your vibes - they are very much appreciated.

15-12-2017, 09:04 PM
I'm pleased that Lillians op went well. She probably will feel a bit sorry for herself for a few days, I know our girls did. We've been through it with 5 girls so far, but thankfully they all bounced back pretty quickly x

16-12-2017, 10:15 AM
Sending lots of recovery vibes for Lillian. Rabbits usually can't resist some fresh grass, if you have some, after an op or Dandelions.

16-12-2017, 11:10 PM
Hi Craig, my Beatrice was spayed only back in September, so I know the kind of worry you're experiencing here! She was very off her food for a couple of days so we had to syringe feed her mushed up pellets and banana. Eventually she perked up to some dandelions and fresh grass. I hope Lillian feels better soon!

16-12-2017, 11:28 PM
Sending vibes for Lillian, I have 3 does and felt bad for every spay, but they all picked up quickly and long term it’s the right thing to do.

Craig 1965
17-12-2017, 09:03 AM
Thank you everyone for your vibes and well wishes. Lillian sends her thanks too. Having spent the last 2 nights on the floor in the living room with her, it was a great relief yesterday when she turned the corner. She had been grinding her teeth early so we gave her the metacam - and within 20 minutes she had found her apetite once again. And she was making up for lost time too. She drank lots of fresh water - which is probably due to the anaesthetic, and she set to work on fresh parsley and greens and a few dried cranberries which are her favorite. She also very kindly did a big bunny flop and Lillian likes to bunny flop onto her back completely and lick her front paws. So in doing so she exposed her fresh scar - which saved us the wrestling match with her to look at it - which would have been potentially harmful to her as she hates being picked up. Her scar looks really really good - very healthy and pink, no blood and no redness or swelling so that's all really positive. We let her out of her cage and made sure she wasn't putting strain onto the wound and made up a nice area on the floor with hay and straw and plenty of soft towels and bedding for her to use as her toilet. Since the living room is nice and cosy, she decided to have a duvet day but she was very active, exploring and periscoping and certainly not the bun of the last 48 hours. Today she is sort of back to her normal self, grooming and being independant. Henry is having a week back with Wendy in Essex as he is on antibiotic drops and having a tear duct flush which is showing signs of positive. We miss Henry as he is a bit of a character and I've never seen a rabbit run so quick round a living room. He just zooms round so fast and binks every so often. I felt bad taking him back to the care of Wendy because the poor little fella would be emotionally confused. But Wendy is such a kind and wonderful carer and she will look after him superbly for the week and we'll pick him up next weekend just in time for xmas. So Lillian will have a Henry free week but that will be good for her in some ways. I'll post some photos of her later today. Thank you all again for your vibes. xx