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15-10-2017, 01:00 PM
There is an absolutely stunning large white helicopter earred rabbit in pets at home in Huddersfield today. Has been brought back after being adopted for 3 days as was apparently aggressive with the children. They think it's because she was grabbed and handled a lot - can only imagine!

She's so gorgeous I'm concerned she'll attract the wrong sort of owner again on an impulse buy. I'd love to take her on but I have 4 and all mid bonding and sadly not enough space for a 5th at this time. Although I'm trying to think of a way it could work.

Thought I'd post on here incase any one can help. I didn't take a picture - sorry.

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15-10-2017, 05:24 PM
he sounds gorgeous :love: going into pets at home is a nightmare for me, I always want to bring home those ones in the support adoption for pets. usually I rescue the hamsters out of there and they're returned to similar reasons as the rabbit you mentioned - too fast, too timid, too this, too that, they bit, kids are scared etc. it frustrates me. even a little hamster needs research done as different types pose different things, of course a little robo is going to be fast and timid, thats in their nature!! :roll: sorry for my little rant lol.

19-10-2017, 06:20 AM
This little ball of fluff was thanks to a trip to P@H for some Fibafirst and very much an impulse buy/adoption :lol: :oops:
Well, we waited until the next day but... Yeah :oops:
https://s1.postimg.org/10y3npkuof/Honey_3.png (https://postimages.org/)
It's so tempting to take at least one home each time. In Honey's case (previously known as 'Phyllis') she actually wasn't returned but was a rabbit that had come into the store to be sold and had syphilis so she couldn't be. She apparently had a partner who didn't make it :( but they treated her and she was put up for adoption (after we adopted her we found she had snuffles and a build up of wax in her ears but P@H paid for her treatment on that, so they were good in that respect)
We were told she'd be aggressive and that we wouldn't be able to pick her up. When the lady went to take her out of the cage she growled and lunged. When we got her home we discovered that she's an incredibly sweet rabbit who is generally easy going and will let you pick her up (though she is a bit like a lion if you have food in your hand!). She absolutely adores a fuss and will cuddle up to you on the bed. She's the sweetest rabbit imaginable. So I don't think you can really know what they're like until you get them home. As you say the kids were probably wanting to pick her up and play with her :? I do wish people would realise they're not suitable pets for children :(
Honestly I fall in love everytime I go in there, I recently fell in love with a rex and came very close to taking him home but I know that now isn't the time. I later saw him being sold to young girl. I just hope she looks after him :(
I'd avoid going there if I could but my vet is inside P@H and I'm up there too frequently with one thing or another :roll: