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08-10-2004, 11:52 AM
I hate to say but I was poo picking up after Harley and spotted some lovely pinwormies on his fresh poopies. Whats used for worming bunnies and is it prescription? He doesn't get anywhere near the other bunnies but should I do all of them just to be safe?
Noticed people mentioned Stronghold on another thread, is that the preferred one?


08-10-2004, 04:50 PM
Here's a quite a comprehensive document on Worms in Rabbits. Not sure if its any good to you Angela but thought I would share anyway! :D



10-10-2004, 08:06 PM
Thanks for that Louise, another addition to my bunny file :D

Rexy bexy
10-10-2004, 08:11 PM
i use something called ivomec its a horse wormer all u need is a tiny bit, and all u do is snap a cocktail stick in 1/2 and put a tiny bit on the end and put give it to the rabbit, it works wonders, its also good for mites as one of mine had a case of mite around the hind legs and within a day or 2 the fur was growing bk. U can get this at a horse place

10-10-2004, 08:15 PM
Ivomec is the same as panomec that the vets use.

You can not buy ivomec at horse places or farm shops any more.

So unless you know a sheep farmer who is willing to get you some then you will have to go to a vets for this product.

10-10-2004, 08:18 PM
If you have any Thyme in the garden then run your hand over the plant and the bits that come off you can feed to bun - this expels the worms and really does work - much nicer than giving drugs :D
Just make sure that you don't overdo the thyme - otherwise you will then have to get some bramble leaves to cure the runs :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Rexy bexy
10-10-2004, 08:19 PM
my horse place sells it along with lots of other other horse stuff i go there quite often for my shavings and food

11-10-2004, 07:04 AM
The IVOMEC product recommended for rabbits is the sheep and goat one. It is a clear liquid and the dose is 1 ml per 4kg. The vet will give you a small quantity in a little bottle and a syringe marked with mls. (well, mine did). That way you can give the exact dose. Tweed also had worms on his poos, which I identified as pinworms (after doing a search on rabbit parasites, I found that pinworms are the main one affecting rabbits). I dosed him for his weight and again in 2 weeks. I don't plan on doing him again, as he does not get outside on the grass, so I don't think he will be reinfected.

11-10-2004, 01:16 PM
Thank you everyone, especially Louise that site was very useful with the pictures! Wouldn't recommend it for the squeamish though :lol:
Think I will take the little offender to the vets just to be safe. No wonder he is full of them though he has a strange habit. He gets out for about 30-45 mins at 6.30am and then again at 5.30pm thru to about 10ish most evenings. While he is out and in the living room, he picks up his poopies and eats them :shock: as in his normal non eating poopies. I think he has noticed that I pick them up every 10 or so mins. Haven't noticed them before but I did find a dried in worm stuck to his tail about a week ago so god knows where he got them from. He's been indoors ever since I got him about 4-6 weeks ago and before that lived at pets at home for at least 4 months. Probably explains why he is very light and small compared to Angel who is about 4 months older.


12-10-2004, 07:11 AM
The little guy probably had them when you got him, as if the mother has worms, the babies will. I'm not sure if you know that it's normal for rabbits to eat some of their droppings (the soft ones they do first thing in the morning usually). They get some of their nutrients this way. But of course, if they have worms then they will be re-infecting themselves. Very good idea to have the vet drench him for worms . I did notice that Tweed's condition took off and improved once he was wormed.

12-10-2004, 09:59 AM
Hello, we use Panacur 10% wormer and treat all the Sanctuary bunnies twice a year.
The dosage depends upon individual rabbit body weight.

Worms are not always evident in droppings until after treatment.
The problem with worms once they are well established, is that they can cause blockages and gut statis, so this is why we take preventative measures in the Spring and Autumn.
We have never had rabbits with upset tummies after using Panacur, and give a probiotic in the water for some time after the worming treatment.

We like Jay give small amounts of Thyme once a week to the bunnies to keep the worms at bay as much as possible, but we would not like to depend upon it solely.
It is good as a preventative but when worms are present (and if they are not seen on the droppings,** another clue is loss of condition and slight weight loss perhaps despite increase in appetite...plus a distended and bloated tummy)then we would opt for a medicine/ drug to eliminate the wormies.
**The symptoms I have mentionned above can also indicate other more problems though so best to see your Vet if unsure.

13-10-2004, 10:59 AM
Hello, we use Panacur 10% wormer and treat all the Sanctuary bunnies twice a year.
The dosage depends upon individual rabbit body weight .

I use Panacur 10% at 0.2ml per kilo.

Should I have been using more? You've confused me now Adele :oops:

13-10-2004, 11:38 AM
Gem if you look on the Panacur package it lists the amount of wormer for body weight....as we have so many different sized and weighs of rabbits in the Sanctuary the range is quite wide....we find that 0.5ml seems to be the average dosage for our indivdiual bunny, but you will have to weigh your own bunnies and work out the dosage for each one.(o.2ml per Kilo of weight)
Hope that clarifys things for you, sorry if I did not explain very clearly in my previous posting (I have amended part of my posting as it was inaccurate):D

13-10-2004, 01:44 PM
Ah, I understand now :oops:

Thanx Adele :D

13-10-2004, 01:47 PM
:thumb: Gem, sorry for the muddle, have a lot on my mind at the moment :?