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17-08-2004, 04:22 PM
I have 10 bunnies 3 pairs and 4 singletons.
Problem 1!
One of the 3 pairs wasn't bonded by me but my friend who I took the bunnies from. Jessica the dutch has not long been spayed and had a tumour removed which was huge. It had been left to grow for sometime (by her previous owner not me) and was almost the same weight as Jessica herself. Anyway she is preferctly healthy now and doing well. The only problem is she is so skinny and I can feel her spine without applying pressure. Now her partner in crime is Monty Moo the lop he has the opposite problem and is far too fat and has a tendancy to be quite mean to Jessica. He will chase her away from the bowl and only allow her near it once he is finished. I have taken the dish and held it for Jessica to eat while keeping Monty away and do this when I have seen him chasing her. He has done this for some time I think. Would it be fair to split them up so he can lose weight and she can gain it? They have been bonded for 3ish years.
Problem 2!
Casper and Sophie were bonded until she went for her spay. Now he doesn't want anything to do with her and for a while I had them eating tea together but this didn't last as when Sophs came she would gingerly edge towards the dish and Casper would then lean over the dish, Sophie would then bolt around the room at 100MPH and will crash into things as she goes into a blind panic. Now Im concerned she will hurt herself. Not only that since being seperated Sophie has become much more relaxed and confident and will now approach me and has been spotted binkying about.
So they are 2 of the singletons.
Now Jessie could be paired with Sooty another singleton who seems quite happy on his own but he is a very quiet bunny so it's hard to tell if hes happy. His is quite a slow eater and picks what he wants when he wants but following Adele's advise he is on small amount of dried food after having probs with furry poops and not eating recently. So hmmmm not sure if thats a good idea? Any thoughts?
Sophie could be paired with Monty I guess although he is a bully I don't think he's as bad as Casper and maybe Sophie will be more confident with a new bunny to boss????
Casper could then be paired with Angel when he is castrated hopefully. I know it's hard to comment when you don't know the bunnies but any thoughts appreciated.

17-08-2004, 05:08 PM
I am confused :? :?
Let's try and work through these then......
Problem 1 - it would be a shame to split them is they are good friends and Jessica has obviously been through alot - could you not just separate them at feeding time?
Problem 2!
What about trying Sophie with Sooty - they both sound pretty chilled.
It is worth a try with Casper and Angel.

Good Luck

18-08-2004, 09:00 AM
I guess everyone else was confused since theres only one reply :lol:
Hmmm I will have to look into whether it's possible to seperate Jessica and Monty at feeding times as your right it would be a shame to seperate them when, other than feeding time, they are friends. Jessica takes ages to eat her pellets though so not sure how I will do it. Ah put her in whoever is out at the times bed sorted!
So you'd agree Sophie would be better to try with someone else who doesn't make her so nervous? It certainly seems to be Casper who makes her nervous. Even when she's eating from the dish and Casps is just wandering about in his own little world not even looking for Sophie and I was holding the dish but as soon as he got within 4 foot of her she took off and hid in a roll of carpet poor girl.
I think Casper and Angel would be a good pair as Casper is quite friendly and sticks his nose through the gaps to say hello to Angel but Angel took it too far and started pulling out Casper forehead fur so he was left with big bald patches :lol: shame! Casper has now been moved until his fur regrows and Angel will be castrated soon.
Thank you for your help.

18-08-2004, 09:12 AM

Problem 1: I think putting Monty out for a run whilst Jessica has extra dinner is a good idea. That way he can get slim and she can get fat :lol: Seperating them could be stressful and cause Jessica to lose more weight. When trying to fatten Jasper up when he was ill we introduced porridge (gradually) which we mixed with supreme science pellets (yumm green mush) and he put the weight back on nicely.

Problem 2: How about Sophie and Sooty? It sounds like laid back Sooty might be good for nervous Sophie. Angel and Casper also sound like they could be good together, after all whats a little fur pulling between friends :love:


18-08-2004, 01:32 PM
Weeeeeelllllll we're agreed that I won't split Jessica and Monty up then. Was just thinking while re-reading what I had asked, Sophie seems to have a bit of a thing for Angel, she doens't make too much fuss over him sitting outside her bed which he regularly does (everyone else and she digs at the bars and growls like a mad doe) Sooty I don't think I@ve ever seen her re-act to him either so may be spoilt for choice but only if Angel calms down after castration, he's quite aggresive and lunges at Sooty for no reason despite the fact they live side by side with gaps big enough for them to bite each other but yet they ignore each other, hmmmm weirdos. Will swap Angel and Sophie's beds over tonight so she can be beside Sooty and see what the reaction is. Thank you for another opinion Tamsin.


18-08-2004, 02:18 PM
Hi Angela - Aberdeen heh !! My partner lived in Aberdeen for about 13 years before moving to Dundee.

My, don't you have your hands full. I can't believe the amount of thought / worry I have put into getting Robbie one 'lady friend' - it must be quite a job trying to keep ten contented buns !! Bet they keep you on your toes (hee hee).

18-08-2004, 02:34 PM
Does it have to be a pair with Angel, Sophie and Sooty couldn't you make them a thressome? Just a thought.

18-08-2004, 08:26 PM
Hi Lynn, ah your lucky partner escaped the smelly city then huh????
Keeping them contented isn't too hard as long as they get feed and visited for 3 hours minimum a day. I will admit its hard going but only on the cleaning up side. 10 bunnies produce a very large amount of poop every day :lol:
Tracy wonderful idea I will make an effort to see if she doesn't go for either of them while she's in her bed then take it from there.While she's out she takes no notice of anyone but when she's in bed and anyone else is out different story. Thanks all for the advice, much appreciated and I am just about to swap their beds over.