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12-10-2015, 03:15 PM
Is it me or are less rescues using it? I still keep the Rabbit Residence's listing up to date on there but feel like we've taken over several pages! My rough maths show only around 600 rabbits listed on there and there seem to be quite a few private listings making up that number. Seems a shame because I always link to it when I see people wanting rabbits elsewhere on the web (like Facebook pet sales groups).

Anyone else on here responsible for updating any listings on there?

12-10-2015, 03:59 PM
The other fosterers at my local RSPCA branch don't use it, neither do the local branches of Wood Green Animal shelter (Although I think they're coming round to doing so) or the Blue Cross both of whom I've also been fostering for.
A couple of the smaller private rescues do but it would be great if the larger rescues would do so also.....

13-10-2015, 12:20 PM
I would understand there may be some issues for larger rescues to do it, complicated charity politics, but it seems a shame a lot of the smaller rescues don't use it.

13-10-2015, 07:15 PM
My local rescue nibbles tried to get on it but never received a reply to their email. Hopefully they will try again as theynhave some lovely rabbits there.


19-10-2015, 11:35 AM
That's frustrating :(

21-10-2015, 04:31 PM
Yey just seen that they are on rabbit rehome now.