View Full Version : I have outdoor bunnies!!

24-05-2015, 04:21 PM
I don't know weather to be happy for them or cry!!

They haven't ventured very far around their shed yet, they are all huddled in their litter tray scared :cry:

I'm sure it will just take some time for them to get used to it but at the moment I'm feeling very mean!

24-05-2015, 04:30 PM
I'm sure they will be fine once they are orientated. Mine are all outdoors and love it. Their enclosure changes with the seasons, and lots of interesting things going on in the garden i.e. birds, squirrels, my dogs, granddaughter, visitors etc. When free roaming they like to strip the bark off the fruit trees and generally ruin the garden. What a lovely life, so don't feel bad, I'm sure they'll embrace the big wide world in time !! :D

24-05-2015, 04:42 PM
They will become used to it with time. I had Flo inside for 1 week as her hutch didn't arrive and she was pretty content indoors. But as soon as she was outside she was in heaven! Trust me, they will be binkying round the garden and sunbathing before you know it! :D

24-05-2015, 04:47 PM
Hi there, I'm sure your buns will soon settle. My latest two girls aged probably two and three, were used for breeding. Until they went into rspca they only knew being in a cage in a shed. I've had them 8 weeks and it's been a worrying time. They like to come out now but need the protection of their large hutch with a snuggle box when they get spooked. To start with they were terrified of everything....wind, rain, birds. The seagulls flying over really scared them. Next doors trees rustle and whistle. As time goes on they are slowly improving and I'm sure your buns will be fine too. It's just time and patience. Good luck.

24-05-2015, 05:44 PM
What an exciting time! As everyyone said im sure them (and you) will settle into the change :):)

24-05-2015, 06:04 PM
The quad have a lovely large new run attached to their shed but spend most of the time (daylight hours at least) inside! At least I know that they can race about if they want to. Perhaps yours will start to come out once it gets dark ... ?

24-05-2015, 06:47 PM
I know you have that lovely dog kennel but can't remember whether you have attached another run to it?

25-05-2015, 08:58 AM
I know you have that lovely dog kennel but can't remember whether you have attached another run to it?

We have a run but it's not attached and we're not using it at all the moment at all as we have our old conservatory all over the lawn with lots of rusty nails etc lying around. Hoping we will have tidied up enough in the next few weeks for them to go out there.

There a bit better this morning they all got excited for there breakfast and I've just wedged the car flap open in the hope they will grasp how to use it soon!