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07-04-2015, 03:48 PM
Please can I have some advice. I have female English called Cadbury and a female loin head called Muffin. I have just adopted a boy lop called Bugsy. Both girls have been spayed and I will be getting Bugsy neutered. I tried putting them together in a very large run on neutral territory. Cadbury who is normally the dominant over Muffin, was very submissive when Bugsy mounted her and didnít not fight or bite back. On the other hand, Muffin when it was her turn (as I tried separately) just squealed and got frightened. I ending the bonding session for a day and just tried next day with nose to nose. I also let Bugsy go in the girls run to lay his scent. Once I get Bugsy done, will he calm down with the mounting and biting when I try to introduce them again. I have been told that being the submissive one is a good sign?

07-04-2015, 03:52 PM
I wouldn't attempt to bond them without neutering him and waiting 8 weeks post op (for hormones to die down). I think doing 'play dates' might just frustrate him so I wouldn't personally do that either. Sounded like Muffin was terrified that a entire buck mounted her, and that is not going to help her bond with him when they are re-introduced.

You can't really predict how a bond is going to work really. I've done a bond where I thought it was going to work and it hasn't, and done one which I was convinced would go wrong that has worked. Bunnies can surprise us when put into a pen with another bunny, a bun that is normally placid and lovely can turn into a devil and vice versa.

Get him neutered, and try again in 8 weeks :) in neutral space etc.

ETA: The commonpractice for bonding is a neutral, small pen, then gradually increase the space

07-04-2015, 03:56 PM
Many thanks Catherine, Will do. I only bonded Muffin for a few seconds and whipped her out, where Cadbury was in there for a while and was very quite and laid down. I hope it works as I want them to live together as my friend has 2 does and a buck, but as you say they will always surprise you.