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05-03-2015, 11:30 PM
Having been looking for suitable rabbits recently to bond with Neo after Skye's passing (RIP you gorgeous girl :love: xxx), I've spent a lot of time on rescue websites and checking Rabbit Rehome etc, etc. As I work full time it's difficult and very awkward to attempt to set up several visits to several rescues due to time restrictions many of them have - all seeming to fall under the 12-4pm timings and some not being open on Sundays :roll::lol:

What surprised me is that, even going through rescues as far away as Wales and Cornwall, there doesn't SEEM to be that many rabbits around!

I know that not all rescues can offer constant updating of images, but I can't help but feel due to the low numbers being shown on their websites that they aren't getting much exposure as being portrayed as extremely over-bred as they obviously are.

I think in my whole search of 20 pages of rescues, opening each one, there's been around 200-odd rabbits and yes, that's quite a lot, but to someone not as well educated in regard to the breeding issues, it appears to be less of a glaringly obvious problem.

I don't want this to upset anyone but just a thought I've had and had to see if anyone else has been in the same position!

Of course the caring of the rabbits does come first. And of course many people probably have the time to fit in rescue visits... just rambling to myself now! :lol:

06-03-2015, 08:55 AM
Personally I don't think you'd need to take a lot of time out for rescue visits, as you've discovered there are plenty around and many have loads of rabbits each. So really if you pick out one large localish one, when you visit, you'll probably find that unless you're being very specific for a particular need or want, there is plenty of choice of suitable buns there and there's no need to go further afield or keep looking.

I'm sure many rescues would love to have more time to keep their websites more up to date if there was a volunteer to do it for them. Other rescues are a one-man-band and actually are already working at maximum demand for bonding etc so there's no extra capacity, and therefore it doesn't need to be kept quite so up to date for that purpose.

Good luck with your quest :D

06-03-2015, 10:32 AM
I know PACT at Woodrising (near Hingham, Norfolk) always has ~80 rabbits and do keep singles for bonding purposes. But they don't advertise their available rabbits on their website, probably like as Santa said, there isn't the manpower to do it and some such. In fact, they just have the mention that they "always have at least 80 rabbits in their care" which is in no way as impactful as actually seeing the individuals/pairs they have and very easy to gloss over. Of course, the figure is very much imprinted in my mind now though.

I think you're right about people not being aware of the potential of adopting rabbits rather than buying them from pet shops etc. because there isn't a huge "push" behind adopting like there is for dogs and cats.

Anyway, good luck in finding a suitable mate for Neo. :)