View Full Version : Will my buns ever be indoors?

03-01-2015, 11:32 PM
I have two 5 year old female rescue buns who came to live with me about 7 months ago.

I planned on having them indoors and had my study all set up for them. They were in there for a couple of months and were fine at first, but as they started to settle in they became more and more destructive! I have multiple holes in the carpet, my chair has been chewed, I've had to buy a new DVD player (despite doing my very best to bunny proof the cables!) and they had great fun with some of my books.

They currently live outside in a hutch/run combo with a good amount of space, but I hate them being out there. I feel like I've just dumped them at the bottom of the garden in the cold and I don't spend as much time with them. They are still destructive outside and chew pretty much everything despite my trying to give them as much entertainment as possible.

I would love to have them indoors but obviously I can't have them always destroying things! I live with my mum and she's not happy about the whole situation! I do have a dog also but she's very old and isn't bothered by them out in the garden at all.

I apologise for the long message and the fact that it isn't really a question, but I'd love some advice from you knowledgable bunny people :)

03-01-2015, 11:41 PM
Some bunnies can be such destructive little things! I've been thinking about how I'd bring my bunnies indoors if I ever had a very destructive bunny, and I've settled on a few potential solutions:

Get this http://www.boylespethousing.co.uk/rabbit-housing/indoor-rabbit-cage/2x1x1m-rabbit-pen-4sides.html, and line the inside with thick mesh so that they can't chew the wood. And line the bottom with lino. Then allow them out only when supervised and/or have a set of puppy panels that you can add on to give a supervised free range area on the carpet or whatever the flooring is.

Alternatively you could get a standard rabbit run with a lid and as long as the mesh was on the inside rather than the outside it should stand up to their nibbling.

The best thing to do would be to get the cage or run as big as possible and then you could get in with them to see them rather than let them out, and then theoretically you should be able to limit the destruction! The cage/pen itself either needs to be really high or have a lid, and some people have made cages with grids of storage squares: http://www.candcguineapigcages.co.uk/. A lot of those are too small and not high enough for rabbits, but there are quite a few examples in the housing sticky of people who've made great sized cages with lids for their rabbits!

04-01-2015, 12:19 AM
Yep they do like to chew what they're not meant too. We have 2 indoor bunny's buttons is ok as he had to have his front teeth removed but flake will try to chew everything. In there bedroom its free from anything that could be dangerous for them and we have put marble tiles around the edge of the room to stop her ripping up the carpet, she only seems to try to rip it up at the edges. Downstairs we are always with them to keep an eye on them but it only takes them a second to make a hole, we have loads of holes in our sofa, cushions, wall paper, bookcase etc. But that's what they do so no point getting mad at them. The thing is she always knows she is being naughty as she will always look to see what were doing then slowly sneak to chew something. And they have loads and loads of things we have brought them to chew. The only dangerous place for them is behind our tv with live wires but that is all meshed off so they cant get to it