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17-12-2014, 12:59 PM
Hi all. I got new bunny she's 4 months old and is absolutely adorable.
We got her when she was 2 months and had her for 3 weeks. She was amazing. Flat bunny who was potty trained from day one and would not sleep in her cage. We left it open and she was hopping around the apartment without biting on our furniture or cables. She would hop at night time to our bed and sleep with me on my pillow. Then we went for 3 weeks to Australia and sent her to the pet shop to mind her for us where he got her from. So she was back in cage.
When we came back she was double size!!! From 1kg she was 2kg. My fatty love.
She was very stress and scared. I don't know what they did.
Then we found out they given her different food (we had her on exact portions for her weight and hay non stop available, we gave her little broccoli, basil and blueberry). We found out she was not on the food we left for her. They given her food for bunny from 6 month old and it makes me upset as she had her poo black (instead ad of green) and runny for 2 days.
It took her one week to get use to us again. Since then she don't like to be carried anymore or hold. He freaks out and run and hide. She lost weight as she's free again and is 1300g.
I love her to bits and feel so bad for leaving her when she was baby.
Now she is again happy and new thing she does at night time when she sleeps on my pillow she sometimes Wakes me up by crawling closer and licking my face. It's true from day 1 we had her i always kissed her forehead for at least minute and did that few times a day. Can't resist haha.
Also her binking has change. Sometimes I'm not sure when she plays with my boyfriend (we all live together) sometimes he chase her as game, she would bink and jump towards to him like she want to bite. Is it normal/is it a part of game or is she annoyed?:)
Is her kicking attention or she needs something? We got her mineral stone to lick.

And she is hitting our furniture like crazy. All the leather sofas have holes.
Someone recommended me to get her spayed. Is it save? Would you recommend it and where is a good wet in Dublin Central? Ahh so many questions but my boyfriend thinks I'm too protective and i should relax. Thank you

17-12-2014, 01:09 PM
I would certainly get her spayed. With a bunny savvy vet I would be no more worried sending a bun in to be spayed than I would be with a cat or dog, although obviously with any op there will be an element of risk. In fact it is always a good idea to have girl buns spayed as it stops them developing uterine cancer late in life (if unspayed she would have an over 80% chance of developing cancer).

I'm afraid I don't know vets in Dublin, you could ask the rwaf or check local vets websites, ideally you are looking for a vet who specialises in exotic pets as rabbits are classed as exotics!

Spaying might help with the destructive behaviour but it might not, rabbits are incredibly good at causing damage. :lol: distraction might help so provide her with lots of toys and things for her to play with and chew, it might help!

17-12-2014, 01:21 PM
Hele is right!

When you left she was a baby, now she's full "teenager" ;)

Spaying should definitely help in some aspects, especially her long-term health.

Considering bonding her with a neutered husbun in a few months should also be thought about - being in a pair can (but not always) mean they're less destructive as they always have another bun to snuggle and play with.

17-12-2014, 03:30 PM
She sounds absolutely lovely. Echoing what's been said- when you left she was a preteen, now she'll be starting puberty and has gone through an upsetting time. Getting her spayed with a good vet would be best, and a neutered male for company (maybe from a rescue; there are always buns needing homes). It's scary having your little bun in for an operation but it's best in the long term. In the meanwhile, give her lots of toys (you can look on here for some homemade ideas), and some patience. Rabbits can be easily stressed, but just treat her gently and nicely and, although she might never return to 'normal', she should settle in time.

17-12-2014, 03:55 PM
You could start a thread "Rabbit Savvy Vet in Dublin". We have a couple of members who live in Dublin. so they might be able to help.

22-12-2014, 01:01 PM
Ahh thank you for the lovely messages, makes me feel better that there is lots of bunny lovers like me.
Kissy is great. we were thinking about other bunny for her but not sure if the damage would be bigger. Having 2 buns free in flat without cage (she refused to be there instead she's with us in bed) will be interesting as at night time when she bink in bed and kick our faces and want to play hahaha it may be too much.
But we will get her spayed. Someone recomend vet in Bray so will wait 2-3 months and take her there.
She's really cute and good. Not always notting on furniture (since we cover it she found window edges and damage it) so we removed everything away.
She still doesn't want to be pick up at all. Always get scared and runs away to hide. Tomorrow I have to take her to friends house as we have emergency alarm testing in the apartment so fingers crossed.
does anyone know who would be able to come and feed her during the Christmas 26-29.22.? We r going abroad and friend of my who suppose to come recently canceled and we can't bring her back to the pet shop

31-12-2014, 09:14 AM

Another member from Dublin here :) There is one vet that I can recommend who specialises in small animals. They are Blackrock Veterinary Clinic. I have always brought my rabbits there and we travel across Dublin from Dublin 15. I wouldn't trust any other vet.

For pet sitting, there is a lady in loughlinstown who does rabbit boarding. I have never used her as I have only just heard about her. My brother in law is boarding his rabbits with her at the moment xx