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13-11-2014, 07:30 PM

I was asked a while back to take two boy bunnies that are living together unneutered :evil: I am aware of the potential problems this will have if they stay together... they are not looked after well, unvaccinated, left to their own devices in small hutch.

I have today been asked to take a five year old boy, unneutered, unvaccinated, spent his whole life alone except when he is let out for the family dog to annoy and chase....

I have two single girls at the moment, one getting over myxi... I was going to try and bond the two girls, but am not hopeful of a bond... I don't know what to do!

Everyone is pulling at my heart strings cos they know I am a soft touch and love bunnies.. but would have preferred to have a pair rather than two pairs.. but know this might not be possible with my two girls anyway.

any thoughts welcome!

13-11-2014, 08:09 PM
I think I would advise only having more pets if you have the time, space and money to have them, and the accommodation available. Also if having the additional ones mean that any part of the care of your existing ones was compromised then that would be a no no for me.

What a difficult situation :cry:

13-11-2014, 10:13 PM
I have the space and money for more. My preference was to pair my two girls but just find it hard to be so hard hearted...