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20-10-2014, 05:08 PM
Harley come home from the vets last Thursday night after being kept in for 3 nights for her tummy. We were a little concerned about how Bobo would react after they had been seperate for that time but all went really well.

We put the carrier down in the lounge, opened the door - Harley bounced out, looked around and bounced immediately to their hutch - she knew exactly where she was and where she wanted to be. We let her in the hutch - and Bobo wasn't too sure at first - sort of recognised her but didn't like her smell. But he has a weepy eye (nothing wrong as far as the vets can tell- it just weeps a bit) which Harley keeps clean - and first thing she did was to start cleaning that eye - you could almost hear her say 'oh for goodness sake - look at the state of you' :love:

Once she had finished doing her duties there she hopped around the hutch a bit - having a good sniff and then did a massive rolly flop as though to say 'ahhh - home at last' - it was so lovely to see.

And then the next night - when they came out of the hutch - she came straight over to me and did her usual begging for a treat which is a very funny sight from her but so :censored: cute it makes me want to cry. It's funny how she is so unfriendly with humans - but I missed her and her funny little ways so much. It took Bobo and her about 24 hours before they got back to grooming and snuggling properly again but it's lovely to see them so loved up and happy again:love:.

I would LOVE to know what sets off this stasis thing - 5 of our 8 buns have had it now and apart from the fright that Prudhoe got - I do not know the reason. It's baffling and very annoying - but just pleased we have such good vets -and we've learnt not to wait but to get treatment as quickly as we can.

21-10-2014, 08:32 AM
Aww :love: how cute :love: must be very worrying re the stasis :cry:

21-10-2014, 09:16 AM
She sounds adorable! Glad she's feeling better

I'm not an expert, but Waffles had stasis so I looked into it a lot, and it's basically just a result of stress - so the cause of the stress is the problem. Also I think some bunnies are more susceptible to it than others

It could be something really basic such as moulting or change in routine or environment
Or caused by underlying pain or illness eg dental problems or abscess etc

I think if the same bunny is going into stasis a number of times in a short period then they probably need checking to ascertain the underlying cause

Waffles was one episode seven months ago so I'm hoping whatever was stressing her is no longer a factor

21-10-2014, 09:50 AM
Bramble used to get stasis quite regularly. The vet suggested we cut out cabbage and broccoli, as these can cause wind. It helped massively.

21-10-2014, 09:52 AM

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