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15-10-2014, 10:56 PM
Just reading up on this and some animal charities are saying it's best to bring rabbits indoors around Bonfire night when there's fireworks going off, which is what I was planning to do with the outdoor pair. However I've just seen another thread on here where people have said it's not really safe to bring outdoor buns inside in winter due to the temperature change affecting their respiratory systems.

So I'm confused as to what to do now! The outdoor pair have two double hutches (one on either side of the run) which are fully open on the bottom levels to give access, so it's not possible to shut them up in one hutch without dismantling their whole set up. They have the bedrooms of the hutches and covered areas/boltholes in the run, but I'm concerned the noise will be too loud for them with the 'open' set up. We get a lot of fireworks around our house :(

What's everyone else planning to do?

15-10-2014, 11:07 PM
I personally would bring them into the coolest room in your house and keep the heating off well beforehand and the windows open during the day to keep it cool as possible for the evening later.

This is because last year our neighbours set fireworks off without giving us warning and the sparks from fountains got blown into our garden and into the ferrets hutch/run areas.. We had to go into the spark sprays and save them, screaming at the nieghbours to stop it (not that they could of done much of anything. None were hurt, thank god but it was horrendous and i thank our lucky stars we were home and heard it go off to run outside.. If not it could of been very serious. Burnt ferrets or ingested particles or even set them on fire..

Its one of those where i would never take that risk again and leave any animal outside. Its not all about the noise.

If they have to stay out then i would ask the nieghbours to be aware and not let them off near the shared fence or in your direction or at all..