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25-09-2014, 06:31 PM
So as you might remember earlier I was going to take my two to a rescue to be bonded either just the two of them or with a third bun depending on what the rescue thought but the weather declines quite fast and as all of the rescue rabbits are kept outside including the ones being bonded I thought I would try this myself...I was hoping for any advice really on what to do. They rescue in question managed to bond them initially but it was a bit of a bad timing as a week after one of them needed a dental and I have a feeling that the other rabbit might have felt the weakness which resulted in excessive bullying and then a fight. they are both spayed and live side by side to each other in my room ( I have a double room divided in the middle). The reason I keep trying to bond them is because 1. they would have more space and I wouldn't have to climb a fence to get to my bed xD 2. they wouldn't be as lonely and 3. because neither would be happy living outside (they hate being outside most of the time) even if they had a husband of their own. So any ideas? Do I go with the small area theory where I place them in something like a bath or a carrier? or would a big area with hiding places be more suitable? Hope this is the right section to post ...sorry if this is not.

25-09-2014, 06:56 PM
I would put them in a neutral area, put a few hidey holes in, and see how it goes. As they are both female it might take a longer time to bond them, or it might not work at all. But you might be lucky!