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24-09-2014, 11:26 AM
We asked MIL to come and do buns on Saturday evening and Sunday morning this last weekend as hubby and I were away for the night - we asked her to come in between 6pm and 7pm so that they didn't have too long a stretch until morning.
We were due to leave at 4.30pm - and were just about to walk out the door then and I hear the front door lock being opened - and there she is - 2 hours early!
That wasn't good - but to make things worse she decided to bring her grandson with her (our nephew) who is about 5 years old. She obviously had him for the day for some reason (long story about hubbys sister taking advantage of parents) - and thought to distract him, and entertain him - he could help out with feeding the buns.
What she had forgotten - is that we have a strict 'no children without us around' rule.
Our buns don't like adult strangers - but are getting better with that - but children just scared the beejeezes out of them - and sure as nuts grandson goes running into lounge sending the buns crashing around their hutches.:evil::evil::evil:

Well - I'm not a child lover at the best of times - especially those who frighten my 'kids' and so I told him to get out and stay out :oops: (bit of a temper when it comes to animals:?) - and then proceeded to feed and hay up and water the buns myself.
Hubby and I were furious - it could have been awful with 8 buns stressed and in stasis - his mum just didn't think - aaggggh.
I am so relieved that we were still at home and able to make sure the buns had relaxed again and were eating before we left (late!).

So - the result of this - never again will we have MIL in to do the buns - she does not understand and thinks we are paranoid eejits about our buns - don't care, they are our kids! So when we move, we are going to get a house sitter to come in...obviously one who has had experience of rabbits.

Does anyone else use house sitters? Or people who come in to feed etc? What are your experiences with them?

24-09-2014, 11:36 AM
When I first had Moley I put him into boarding when I went away and that was fine becaus the lady was lovely and Moley seemed happy. However she moved further away and Poppy is not a good traveller so I had to find a house sitter or another boarder... I didn't want neighbours to do it as they all have children and I had nightmares of the exact scenario you just described.

Boarders were always full, and i happened to mention it at the vets and they said one of their nurses does pop ins - perfect!! Until she moved too :( she recommended a vet at the practice who could help out and I was obviously very happy about this.. Sadly when I returned from a trip one day the buns shed was a mess, trays not cleaned and with hay I'm the water and just everywhere, I was disappointed and didn't use her anymore (shocked at the vet). So anyway I found a local pet sitting company who do it for me... As it happens I am setting up my own boarding facility and work with the pet sitters too. :)

The advantage of a company is that they want the business and will be reliable, and with myself I have some knowledge about buns so happy to pet sit for them (although it's mainly cats!!).