View Full Version : Really going to miss the rabbits!

19-08-2014, 08:11 AM
Wedding Saturday then off in honeymoon for 2 weeks on Sunday! I will see them on Friday and then not again until the 7th September :shock:

Not been away from them since they have been house bunnies, last time I went away they were outdoors, we were close but not as close as we are now, and they were still mad at me when I came home then! I just imagine the fury I'll get when I'm home!

Last night they spent an hour playing in the living room and involving me in their little games :love:
Mum will look after them well but she won't play with them like I do :( they're going to get significantly less human attention than usual, I think Harvey will not change and just crave human attention when I'm home but I'm worried Lilly will revert a bit to her previous more nervy self :(

I can't wait to go away! Just wish I could take the bunnies with me :lol:

Fingers crossed they're back to their usual cuddly selves when I'm back and don't stay mad for too long!