View Full Version : An outdoor rabbit indoors can it work?

18-08-2014, 11:11 AM
We have recently lost out Maisie, and her partner has now bonded with 2 babies from a rescue. We were hoping he would also bond with the mum but he decided against that.

So now I feel very sad we have to leave the mum behind however.................................I have been altering our downstairs inside so we could adopt the mum as an indoor rabbit. I always said no I didn't want an indoor bunny but this rabbit is different she deserves a home and we have room for her now. We have an indoor cage which I intend using as her base and then at night she will be inside it and then let out when we get up. She will have free range of the house when we are in and then when we are out she will be in the kitchen which is huge anyway just because then she is safe and sound.

So I just needed some advise on what to expect with an indoor rabbit how do we litter train her etc, and will she be happy on her own as we will be her partners in crime etc?

Thanks for any advise.

18-08-2014, 11:40 AM
Yes, I have had 2 outdoor rescue rabbits and brought them inside... Both loved it :lol:

The only thing I would say is that I don't think there is a single indoor cage that it enough space for a whole night, especially as that is actually when they are most active! There are other options such as puppy pens or Boyles pet housing do an indoor rabbit house that looks lovely, or if the room is bunny proof is there any reason she needs to be shut away at all?

My indoor buns have their own rooms :oops:

18-08-2014, 11:41 AM
Hi there, all depends on the individual rabbit really, some do well on their own and some are also self trained as far as litter training goes, I have successfully moved outside buns inside, they were rescues though so were not used to having lots of outdoor space anyway.

Really you need to know her history and her story then make the decision from there, don't know if this helps or not.

As far as shutting her in at night, I have a double deck hutch in my home office and in the early days of Rabbit friends used to put them in at night, then it dawned on me that they were out in the office all day so why on earth was I confining them at night, so did some extra bunny proofing and they have the run of the office all the time now with access to the rest of the house when I am in.

As nether of my current Buns are chewers of furniture, books or carpets I have been leaving the office door open at night more recently, only problem is that Blossom gets hungry at about 6 am and comes into the bedroom to see if she can find breakfast.

18-08-2014, 11:52 AM
Hi.First I think is great that you are welcoming the mummy bunny into your home as an indoor bunny.Having indoor buns myself I know its great to have them around all the time and mine love all the attention.
I was wondering if its possible to let her freerange in the kitchen during the night as well as most bunnies are very active at this time and she would appreciate the space as its safe.
Although indoor buns have more interaction from their owners it is still nice for them to have bunny company especially when youre out or at night.Its something to consider maybe in the future when she has settled and you have got used to having her around.
I hope you have many happy years together.Sounds like shes going to a very loving home.:)

18-08-2014, 11:58 AM
I'd been looking on here at homes and have just seen dog cages, to be honest they look better so we will invest in one of them. We can leave her to roam in the kitchen all night, its just we have 3 cats too. But saying that we could put a stair gate on the kitchen door as the cats can jump it without a problem so means the bun can have access then.

I know her history completely which is very sad, that is why I am desperate for her to still be near her babies all be it a very spoilt indoor bunny! :D

18-08-2014, 03:29 PM
We brought Bramble indoors when he got asthma. He loved it. I think we were lucky because he was a really clean bunny. Weed and pooped in his little tray, only the occasional accident. He had free range of the dining room and kitchen, and the living room when we were home. He did nibble furniture, skirting boards etc, and there was always hay everywhere, but we loved having him indoors. I really thought the nibbling would bother me, but it really didn't and I'm now so happy he left his mark on our home. I hoovered pretty much everyday, but didn't mind that either. I wouldn't hesitate to have another house bunny. Our home seems very empty without him. I'd love to bring Bungee and Bo indoors, and would if it is a bad winter or anything was to happen to one of them.