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Miss Binky Bunny
11-08-2014, 12:58 AM
We were trying to find close-ish boarding for the Bank Hol Weekend as a possible forthcoming big birthday celebration. Couldn't find anywhere with vacancies nearby, so opted for different birthday arrangements in the end. Just wondering though for the future:
1) Has anyone been caravaning with their bun, or on holiday to somewhere which isn't purely dog friendly, but also bun friendly - if so where?
2) And also, would anyone know of good boarding places in London or close (if east London surrounds?) I couldn't find a boarding section on the site here...
3) If any house bun owners have boarded their buns before and you have a single bun, how well have they coped with being apart from you?

11-08-2014, 07:27 AM
When you find a good boarding establishment, you need to book them as far in advance as possible. Especially if you need to book during school holidays. I've already booked mine for summer 2015 :shock::thumb:. Also, mine are a trio so I don't worry about them missing me too much.

I don't know of any boarding in your area but there will be someone on here who does. Best of luck finding somewhere as I know what a worry it can be.

11-08-2014, 07:25 PM
Just found an old thread with a few links you could try. The person who started that thread isn't on here now as her bunny has since gone to the bridge :cry: http://forums.rabbitrehome.org.uk/showthread.php?392997-Bunny-boarding-London-area-desperately-trying-to-find-somewhere&highlight=Finding+boarding

Miss Binky Bunny
11-08-2014, 08:23 PM
Thanks for the link Zoobec. I've checked the Findapetboarding site that is mentioned in it, before. There was only one lady listed who was reasonable distance and had enough details on her site, that I'd fell confident enough to leave Miss B with. She also runs a rescue and bonding service. She had lovely looking facilities and offered out of cage times with them in the evenings. Unfortunately she was fully booked when we were looking into the Bank Holiday weekend and by the time I received a reply from her, we'd decided on alternative plans for my mothers birthday.

I did try another pet sitting/boarding company I found listed on what might have been the RWAF site. That didn't go terribly well and was a huge disappointment. They even had 2 carers listed within 5 mins drive of here. I got the feeling that they were put off as soon as I said that she's a house bunny used to free ranging, who'd require 3-4 hours out of pen and cage time...

Mackers, I can't believe how far ahead you book, there's no way we could book that far ahead. Unfortunately it's not school holidays I end up having to plan around, but the O/Hs every changing work arrangements. I was only able to pin him down for his birthday availability 4 days before his birthday, he can never and won't ever plan ahead.