View Full Version : Pets at home moan resolution!

02-07-2014, 09:57 PM
Several months ago, I moaned to pets at home about the care of a couple for their rabbits in store but never heard anything back. Assuming they were being ignorant I carried on as usual. Today. I got vouchers in the post.

Not really sure how I feel about this...

On the one hand, it is of course always amazing to get unexpected free things and it is very generous of them but on the other, I do hope they take on board why I moaned in the first place! They said they would pass my comments on to the store manager. Am I being a bit skeptical and pessimistic and should I just be pleased and grateful?

03-07-2014, 10:13 AM
I'm not sure what your complaint was, but if it was serious enough then it would have been passed on to the field pet manager (like an area manager, but for the pets), who would then check up on the store to make sure procedures are being carried out properly. I would be skeptical as to whether these changes would stick though. It depends entirely on the store & the managers. Unfortunately the managers sometimes are more stock focussed than animal focussed and those stores suffer greatly, or at least the animals do! Don't let them fob you off with a token gesture that ensures you use the store again.. the same gesture they use if someone's pet dies or they find bugs in their dog's food.. Stick to yourguns and make sure they do as you've asked x