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29-04-2014, 11:20 AM
About 3 months ago now by 12 year old nephew got himself a rabbit from his local adventure park where he works a few days a week. Simba is a gorgeous little chap and I do know he is well cared for and a very spoilt and much love member of the family (my mum lives near them and I get her to check for me ;)).

I have been trying to very gently give advice - get him neutered, get him vaccinated etc - most of which has fallen on deaf ears but I don't want to go in all guns blazing and annoy the family...in which case they won't listen to anything I have to say at all.

So I was very happy when my SIL texted me the other day and said they were thinking of getting Simba neutered and getting him a friend - great I thought - and advised her to get a rescue girl as there are thousands of buns needed homes! Only to find a picture on facebook a few days later of my nephew holding a 3 week old baby bun - with the status saying 'xxx trying to steal one of Simba's babies'.

I sent my SIL a facebook link to RWAF warning about Myxi being in their area (I thought that might be the push they need to get him vaccinated) - and she replied that she is calling the vets this week to arrange his neuter and will get the vaccinations done as well (hopefully will be a good vet) - and then said that now that Simba has fathered a litter of kits, they don't feel bad about neutering him.:shock::shock::shock:. They obviously took the boy back to the Adventure Farm and had a doe there mated by him :evil:

That family is an intelligent one - they are not stupid at all - so I am stumped as to why they would do this. They just seem so ignorant and it really annoys me. We knew nothing of buns when we first got Bobo and made some fundamental errors - but breeding from him was never in our thoughts - and we read and read and read everything we could to ensure that he (and the other buns) have a good life. I'm just so disappointed in them :(

mini lop1
29-04-2014, 10:02 PM
oh dear :cry: