View Full Version : Bunny silliness

03-04-2014, 11:53 AM
1. Holly - this morning I put in some fresh straw into their litter box (just to cover poops etc until I clean out properly tonight). Holly thought this was wonderful and charged around the box and binkied like a loon - the box is about 90cm and 60cm wide :shock:

2. On Saturday I thought I would let Sheldon and Holly out for a bit of free range time in the morning as a treat (they normally only come out at night) - they were so NOT happy and very unsettled about it all - Sheldon kept looking at me as though to say 'but mummy - it isn't the right time yet!!!'.

3. Cheyenne still insists on being picked up to be put back in her hutch even though she can and does go in it on her own steam - but at the end of her free range time she somehow knows - and will put herself in the 'mummy pick me up' position she does (usually after I've chased her around the lounge abit - her binkies tell me that this is just all part of her little games :love:)

What silly and daft and idiotic foolery have your buns been up to lately?

06-04-2014, 02:16 AM
Bunny know how to have a good time.:lol: