View Full Version : What do you love most about each of your rabbits?

25-03-2014, 10:19 PM
Thought this would be a nice fun thread!! For each of your bunnies just name one or two of the main things that you really really love about them!! :love:

Smudge - I love her naughty sense of adventure and how tame and friendly she is

Chewie - I love his cute little bungle face!!!

25-03-2014, 10:21 PM
Ooooo this is a nice idea :)

Maizie - I love how adventurous, and into everything she his, and how she thinks I'm a climbing frame!

Daisy - I love how cuddly she is, and how she climbs up onto my lap when I'm on the floor so she can have a fuss

25-03-2014, 10:23 PM
Waffles - gentle, snuggly and looks out for DP

DP - sense of fun and adventure - climbs all over us, into everything, loves playing

25-03-2014, 10:27 PM
Alice - Because she has the most amazing character ever! She is so inquisitive and clever and has such attitude, she isn't a cuddle bun she knows what she wants and she often stamps her foot till she gets it!

Bear - He is the sweetest cuddle bun ever who is so affectionate and soft but completely stupid, his nickname is Gumpy, after Forrest Gump :lol:

25-03-2014, 10:29 PM
Awww :)

Levi: the fact that he will lick every inch of me that he can reach, and that he does the best bunny flops ever. And his general floofiness. :)

Daisy: the fact she's got such attitude but underneath it all she's a right snuggle bun. :)

25-03-2014, 10:37 PM
Dandy: top bun, very brave boy, first to do everything, loves to jump into the bag of hay
Beano: so affectionate, loves to wash everybun, looks after them if they are nervous
Apricot: shyest bun, always last in line to try out anything new
Ginger: confident bun, 2nd in command to Dandy.

25-03-2014, 10:50 PM
Squeee!! I luff reading about all the little bunny personalities! I wish non-rabbit people knew what bunnies were REALLY like!

25-03-2014, 10:55 PM
:love: Willow - beautiful, feisty girly who loves noserubs and fenugreek crunchies. She is so attentive to Smudges grooming needs...

:love: Smudge - handsome black bunneh who is just plain daft, deaf as a doornail and loves his noms..

I love my bunnies. Both totally different characters...

25-03-2014, 11:01 PM
Squeee!! I luff reading about all the little bunny personalities! I wish non-rabbit people knew what bunnies were REALLY like!

I'm a newbie to bunnies but believe all animals have their own personalities!

25-03-2014, 11:01 PM
Maddie - I picked her name before I knew her but she's Maddie the little madam! Thumps her foot if she thinks I'm taking too long with the food and loves to throw things around. She likes to follow me around and sits on my chest at fenugreek crunchie time :lol:

Millie - Sometimes looks like a teddy bear :love: binkies loads and does the most dramatic DBFs! Shakes her ears around when she's about to do something naughty. Comes over to me when I say come here even though she doesn't like being touched!

25-03-2014, 11:25 PM
Dangermouse - I love how inquisitive she is, especially when she knows I'm near and that she adores kisses and cuddles

Penfold - I love the way she looks like she has trousers on when she runs from the back end and her ability to control DM as she's very assertive, also the way she chases DM away from me as she doesn't agree with kisses and cuddles! :lol:

25-03-2014, 11:43 PM
I love how brave Nena is, and cheeky too :love:

I love how Tapla is totally lost without Nena. You put her anywhere new and she just sits there, baffled and scared. I bring Nena in for medication/wound flushing and she sits in the run closest to the back door waiting for me and Nena to come back. I love how happy, healthy and bouncy she is. She has the softest, most lovely fur :love:

26-03-2014, 12:01 AM
Fiver - I love that he is so norty and constantly up to no good. That he is so vocal and grunts/growls constantly. That he is a complete and utter softy, asking for cuddles in bed with his Mam even though he likes to act like a demonbun in front of everyone else. :lol:

Xena - I love how she periscopes when she wants something. :love: She knows fine well that she gets a treat when she comes over and periscopes up at me with her little paws crossed over. I also love that she jumps up onto my bed to wake me up for noms and gets jealous when Fiver gets head rubs. :lol:

Shadowfax - I love how even though they don't have a door on their dog crate, she stands inside and pokes her nose through the bars when begging for treats. :lol: I love how she wags her tail when she gets excited, and that every morning she has a crazy dash and binky round the room.

26-03-2014, 12:14 AM
Mylo - She's nuts! :lol: Makes us laugh every single day with her crazy little jumps and binkies... And she's soooo floofy! :love::love:

Fili - He's a little sweetie, would literally sit for hours having noserubs if he could. And, of course, he incredibly handsome :love::love:

26-03-2014, 09:41 AM
Bobo - so big and soft and squishy:love: And the grumpiest, most confused bun ever who looks so puzzled by his own binkies.

Harley - the looks of utter disdain she gives me when I try to stroke her - and her absolute devotion to Bobo - I also love her look of indigation when he tries to hump her (spring fever has hit him).

Sheldon - I love his nuttiness, his naughtiness, his greediness, and I love the way he always stops and nudges my ankles when let out of his hutch as thought to say 'thank you mum'

Holly - I love how she puts up with Sheldon's shenanigans (head humping included), I love her MASSIVE back feet, I love how she just quietly gets on with her business whilst Sheldon is doing bonkers stuff.

Bug - She is a very special girl (ex snake food), and absolutley adores her daddy and he her. Their bond is incredible. I'm useful for food and that is it - she will not accept strokes or affection from me - only her daddy :love:

Cheyenne - well, she is just my naughty, crazy baby who LOVES cuddles and will ask to be picked up for cuddles and she does the most amazing rolly flops. But like a mirror to Bug - she only accepts cuddles from me - not from Daddy

All so different from each - and yet all such lovely little creatures - I love them all so so much :love:

26-03-2014, 12:40 PM
Bella; I love how shes so snuggly and shes just learned to jump up onto my bed, and she will jump up and clean me like im the dominant rabbit :lol: and she likes to lay next to the radiator all sprawled out

Binky; I love how she only sits still for my brother, and she binkys so much! I named her before I got her but its pretty suting:lol: she will only go to sleep in a certain place in my front room and shes so adventurous and brave!

They're completely diffrent rabbits-and theyve got my heart!

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Rupert & Tia
26-03-2014, 12:59 PM
Rupert - his spiky bit of fur between his ears..

Tia - her giant fluffy feets!

26-03-2014, 01:46 PM
Bess - The boss bun and the bunmum, she's a bit daft but loves being stroked, she'll sit still for ages. She's also a bit clumsy and often loses her footing on laminate flooring (we have rugs just to keep her steady) - makes her even more lovable :love:

George - Clever, adventurous, inquisitive, naughty, always up to no good (and he knows it) the little trouble maker. Only likes stroking once a month or so which makes it more of a special occasion. Pretends to be all grown up but is just a little boy lost if his mum (Bess) is not there. :love:

26-03-2014, 02:19 PM
I love looking at Mottle. He is soooooo cute with his hanging down ears and pretty white black and orange fur. I love the way that he grunts and lunges when food is put near him! I love it that he lets me stroke him (when he is eating). I love how close he is to Peaches.

Peaches is so fluffy and orange (x) I love how she cuddles up to Mottle and always cleans his eyes. I love the way her fur is paler round her eyes and nostrils and that, even though she loathes being stroked she will stay near me when she is eating.

I love Frosty's outgoing nature. He is head of the quad and was a very licky friendly baby. He likes to investigate everything that comes in to his shed (including me). I love that I am allowed to stroke him (when he is eating).

My heart melts whenever I look at Snowflake. I love that he is such a wuss. I love the black circles round his eyes and his black fake fringe of fur across his forehead (x). I am so glad that I fell in love with him and therefore began this adventure into rabbit keeping. I am pleased to say that he will eat when I am around and will come and nudge me with his nose x

I love Daisy's white fur and blue eyes and her helicopter ears. She lets me stroke her when she eats, this has only happened very recently and I feel most honoured. I love seeing her and her sister Tessie all cuddled up together x

Tessie is brown with darker brown nose, ears and feet and is soooooo fluffy (mane and skirt). I love her looks. She usually hides away but will eat when I am there and is fine once caught (unlike Daisy who really loathes being held). - I only catch them for fur trims and sometimes for check overs.

I love the two (new) belgian hares xx They are elegant and smooth and have such dainty legs and feet. They are always on the go. Autumn is the one I fell for on the website. I just love her deep rich red colouring and her gentleness. I can stroke her while she eats and she will often approach me. Sunshine (Autumn's son) is more forward and will let me stroke him for the longest of all my rabbits. He is a slender little baby and is into everything.

I love watching all my rabbits. It is a joy to be near them. They have just gentle and inquisitive ways. I am just so glad to have them in my life. xxxxxxxx (a kiss for each of them).

26-03-2014, 02:50 PM
I love watching my rabbits play their cuteness makes me greatly happy.

I love that Cinna bun is so curious, se's always teh first to do anything, that she stands on her house and waits for treats when she hears the car pull up or can see me inside as it's the closest she can get. I love the mad moments when she runs through all the tunnels and binkies in between. & I love that she chins me all the time.

I love that Katniss is so pretty and unusually marked, that she has the silkiest fur. I love that she washes her little sisters and curls up with them in a little bunny bundle. She has the cutest little bunny smile and gives an awesome eskimo kiss.

I love that Prim is so cheeky and loves having a fuss, she always makes me laugh as she's a greedy little madam, I love that she's so soft and fluffy and I love the way she sits in the hay tray when she eats.

26-03-2014, 03:39 PM
The things I love most about Little are the things I also hate about her. Namely that she is stupid and mad.

I know this sounds harsh but if you spent any time around her you'd agree that while this may lead to some hilarious, endearing and potentially amusing hi-jinks she is, irrefutably, both stupid and mad. :lol:

As for Fat Ted, I love his giant bunny feetsies. No one needs feetsies so large.

26-03-2014, 09:50 PM
Will - is so inquisitive and into absolutely everything - cant sit still.

Nancy - her white nose:love: She can be a bit bolshy at times, but lay down next to her and you can stroke her for ages.

26-03-2014, 10:29 PM
Pierre- is my little adventure buns, inquisitive, very close with his wild genes but loves fuss from me and his mrs. He's my sole bun.

Bernie- is my stupid fluffy girly, she will follow Pierre everywhere, she's forgotten how to use the stairs again. And will just fall asleep super manning anywhere. She makes gulpy noises when she swallows poo

27-03-2014, 12:16 AM
Stephen - well he's just my angel. He's intelligent and inquisitive. He loves snuggles and he always runs to meetnme when I go into their room.

Ellie - she's a stubborn little madam but she makes me giggle when she thumps! She's ditzy and cute and I love it when she flops next to me and begs for noserubs.

27-03-2014, 10:08 AM
Betty for her sheer determination at anything she puts her mind to (usually food) and Walter because he is so silly and impressively intolerant of all things (nail trimming, grooming, minor noise, general new things in the house, us going to bed outside his routine, not having his normal veggies ie being given new foods to try).
He will stamp his feet and sit in the door way until he gets what he wants. I have annual leave this week and he stamps if I go to bed late, stamps in a morning because I got up half an hour later than my usual 6am and the other week he stamped at being offered mint which he hadn't had before. He also stamps if he is shut in the bedroom during the day if I'm at home. I only shut him in so I could go outside which isn't rabbit ready yet! He also stamps at shopping bags in the bedroom unless it had games for him in it. :lol:
He is also very sweet when he plays the fast game when I get up. :love:

27-03-2014, 10:31 AM
Buster.. I love that's he loves cuddles and hes always happy

Alfie.... I love that he does high binkies (Buster is too lazy for those) and is a little grump

27-03-2014, 10:34 AM
Poppy - My little Queen, I just love her so much :love: Even when she's getting under my feet and sitting with her bum in my face at 5 in the morning!

Donny - He's just so adorable, never been aggressive and takes everything in his stride. I love that he is nearly always binky'ing around!

Lola - She is my little madam! A terror, a nightmare, even spaying couldn't calm this little devil down :lol: She hates being stroked unless she wants to be stroked, usually at the same time as Donny. She has rubbish eye sight so is always charging and head butting me. Sometimes she annoys me but I can handle it, I hate to think what where she would be if she was elsewhere.

Leo - Thick as anything :lol: He doesn't 'get' how to be a rabbit and the way he stands under your feet when you go into the room, you'd think he wants to be a slipper or something..! A complete pain in the bum :lol: but he's a softy :love: This 'killer bunny' has never been aggressive :love:

Kerbie - Pain in the bum no. 2! He is very food orientated and thinks everyone has food for him. He is completely adorable though, his little mouth is always open when he has his fuss and he has fallen asleep several times after a good nose/head rub session :lol:

Charley - Even though she's scared of everything, she is a lovely bunny. She does the most fantastic flops (when she thinks no one is looking)!

27-03-2014, 12:55 PM
Bobby is such a snuggle bun and while he is sweet and appears quite daft sometimes he is also the most persistent little guy I have ever met and I admire that trait in him. If he wants something he won't give up until he gets it.

Rosie is super alert and never misses a trick. She is also very vocal and all her binkies are followed by a quick grunt which always cracks us up. She is a cheeky little one and although I haven't found bonding with her the easiest I can't imagine her not being here now.

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28-03-2014, 02:13 AM
I love my Schaeffer because he is so calm....and I am NOT!

He is a big bunny with very soft fur about two inches long that doesn't lay flat, so when I am in a mix up, I can go lay down, he comes to me and I put my face and fingers in his fur and he says "There, there mom...everything is all right" and licks my forehead.

Also, every morning when I wake up he is waiting on "our" chair for cocoa and snuggle time! I get the cocoa, we both get the snuggles! If I sleep in on a weekend he is NOT happy with me!

Inimical Me
29-03-2014, 11:19 AM
I love Bea's fluffy little face. She's a happy little thing but has a forlorn, almost sad looking face that is just so cute :love:. I love how gentle she is. My bridge bunny Fidget (who was my first bunny love) was a little nutter, she'd have your finger off for a pellet, but Bea will take food really gently from your fingers with her little bunny lips :love::love::love:.

29-03-2014, 12:03 PM
Mainly the way I feel Molly and Smokey love me.
Sounds daft but you can see in their faces they are so happy when I am with them.
Craving attention and cuddles.
Think it is more than me being the food man.:love:

29-03-2014, 12:47 PM
Also, every morning when I wake up he is waiting on "our" chair for cocoa and snuggle time! I get the cocoa, we both get the snuggles! If I sleep in on a weekend he is NOT happy with me!

Aww that is so cute!! If we are late with breakfast we're usually awoken to the rabbits scratching at their bedroom door :roll: