View Full Version : Holiday Sitter needed for 36 rabbits and bantams etc Near Peterborough (rural)

19-03-2014, 07:18 PM

Steve and I very very very rarely get to go anywhere together!! But this summer we have two 'events' when we would really love to go away together and therefore need a house sitter.

The first is the Tour de France in July (c4th to 7th ) when we want to go up to see the Tour when it starts;

and the second occasion is August 23rd-30th when Steve's parents have said they will pay for us to accompany them on a trip to Florence (I think tbh they are worried about the fact we never get away together and this was a sneaky way of them making sure we did so).

In July there will be no-one in the house at all and so we need total cover for the 36 rabbits/11 bantams/ 2 tortoises/ the pond fish and also possibly Sunshine the hare if she is still with us - we may be 'soft releasing' her this summer.

In August our house-mate may be around but he is at work during the day and we need someone here all the time. he is also what might be called 'willing to help but totally absent minded' and would not notice if a bun was off their food etc and often forgets to put them away until well after dark if we ask him. (he is a very kind person, male in his late 40s, and I have known him over 20 years, have no concerns about being in house with a lone male - I will vouch totally for him!!)

We have a lovely house in a tiny farming hamlet about 10km from Peterborough in lovely countryside with pleasant walks.

The rabbit care etc does not take all day (unless you want it to!!) but you must be here to feed, let out, check, lock up, etc etc. Also there will be one or two days cleaning in August and poss one in July.

It would be difficult if you did not drive but may be possible - although the vets are 50 mins drive away - but in August the other house mate might be able to help with that in an emergency. In July it would be very tricky.

One rabbit is very special needs, and several are on regular meds (mostly just metacam).

Obviously we are willing to PAY for the house/pet sitting - and equally obviously it has to be someone with a lot of bunny experience!!!!!

However we do need to know that whoever says they will come will not suddenly decide they cant do it at the last moment!!!

PAYMENT - to be chatted over and arranged between ourselves and anyone interested.

Food will be provided and in August I expect you will be cooked for if you want. We are veggie but you wouldnt have to be as we wont be there!!

For our sakes and yours it would be best if the person doing July could do August - so July would be a sort of test run - as we would still be in the country and available.

Anyone interested?????

19-03-2014, 07:24 PM
PS it would be fine by us if it were a couple wanting a rural break - it really is lovely here! and we are close to Burleigh House, Stamford, Oundle, Belton House, Lyveden New Bield etc etc

Mrs. Bunnykins
19-03-2014, 09:23 PM
If I wasn't already very busy at that time with other peoples' bunnies and guineas, I would have been more than happy to come and care for your furry and feathery family.......if you would have wanted my help that is!!!!!

Hopefully you will manage to find someone bunny and bantam savvy to help you out and give you and your OH to enjoy some much needed time away.

Fingers crossed.:thumb:

19-03-2014, 09:26 PM
Ive PMed you