View Full Version : Crochet Bunny auction for RNGP- closed

Amy & Amber
01-02-2014, 07:57 PM
This is a gorgeous crochet bunny made by my neighbour for Tracy (Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare) to raise funds for her vet bill to be cleared & the bunnies still in her care that need rehoming.
I will pay P&P :wave:

The auction will end two weeks tonight Saturday February 15th.

http://i928.photobucket.com/albums/ad124/amyjoneschappell/image-5.jpg (http://http://i928.photobucket.com/albums/ad124/amyjoneschappell/image-5.jpg)

Amy & Amber
01-02-2014, 08:13 PM
http://i928.photobucket.com/albums/ad124/amyjoneschappell/image-4.jpg ("http://[URL=http://s928.photobucket.com/user/amyjoneschappell/media/image-4.jpg.html)

01-02-2014, 09:47 PM
hes gorgeous :love:

how much are you wanting to start the bidding at for him?

Amy & Amber
01-02-2014, 10:08 PM
You guys can start it off :wave:

01-02-2014, 10:28 PM
I'll start him off with a bid of 5

02-02-2014, 12:18 AM
He is lovely.....6 bid from me x

Amy & Amber
03-02-2014, 05:48 PM
Thank you :wave:

03-02-2014, 06:25 PM
Thank you :wave:

Can I bid? 10 ;)

04-02-2014, 11:06 AM
Wow thank you Amy and Amber for doing this for us. :D

Even though we've closed we still have animals looking for homes and this weekend have had a trio returned to us so anything raised from this will be a great help.

Thank you to all those who ahve bid so far :D

08-02-2014, 04:24 PM

He's lovely and I know how much work must have gone into him and I also know he's much bigger than he probably looks from the photos. :love:

I never keep any of the bunnies I make (I shamelessly rehome them all :lol::lol:) so I'm going to bid 15 for him.

Amy & Amber
16-02-2014, 06:13 AM
Karen you've won :wave:

Please can you pm me your address and I'll pm RNGP paypal address

16-02-2014, 07:48 PM
Well done KarenM :wave:

Thank you to both you and Amy & Amber :D

17-02-2014, 01:15 PM
Ooops, sorry, I'd forgotten about this. :oops: But, after a rubbish week, I'm so pleased I won. :D:D

Will PM you now Amy. :love:

18-02-2014, 11:43 AM
Payment recieved thank you :D