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30-01-2014, 08:42 PM
We are not thinking of doing anything soon but have talked about what we are going to do with Snowdrops accommodation.

We have two wendy houses which have a run in-between them. The run (4ft wide) was split down the middle so that Strawberry had a 6ft long section on his 4x4ft wendy house and Snow had a 2ft long section on her 6x4ft wendy house. We split it this way as it was where it was easiest to attach the mesh and because of Snowdrops health meaning she needed more indoor space.

We don't want to take on another bunny or pair of bunnies to live in Snowdrops house. They would need more run space which we can't give them and we don't want to commit to anymore rabbits as we already have 2 singles.

We thought about removing the mesh and giving Strawberry the two houses with an 8ft run in between them but I am thinking this is too much space for him!

Strawberry is about 5 and has lived on his own for about 4 years. He has been bonded successfully twice now, his first partner (a male called Graham) died and then he had a fight with Snowdrop and they wouldn't rebound due to her aggression. He loves other rabbits but is very very bossy and will chase them constantly.

What do people think about trying to bond Strawberry with another bunny, or even a pair of bunnies and letting them have all the accommodation? We are not really sure about taking on any more and if we did we would have to find a rescue that did the bonding and agreed to have the bunny back if they fell out as I do not want to have any more singles.

susie bun
30-01-2014, 09:02 PM
As the owner of a single bunny I'm not really qualified to comment, but I wish you well in working out the best plan. x

30-01-2014, 09:57 PM
I would go for it - some of my oldie buns are on their 3rd partner and although they have been different with each one, they have been very happy with their friends :love:

31-01-2014, 01:03 AM
I'm so sorry to hear about Snowdrop :( She has a wonderful life with you.

Our Lottie died on Monday, it is a bit of a different situation as we still had George who had been bonded to Lottie all his life, so we are in the process of bonding him with a friend. It is definitely too soon for me, but it isn't me that matters here, its George.

If you have the space and finances and are able to offer another 1/2 bunnies a home then definitely consider it, I've taken on our longest stay rabbit, she is a little girl with snuffles and hasn't had one enquiry, maybe consider taking on a bunny who has been in rescue a while? xx

31-01-2014, 04:12 PM
I would try it.

If it doesn't work out how about becoming a fosterer? You say you think they should have more run space, but with a 6ft wendy house that sounds a lovely temporary space for a bunny in need.

31-01-2014, 05:06 PM
Bonding with another 1-2 bunnies sounds ideal! Most rescues should take them back if the bond doesn't work once you bring them home. If you get the rescue to bond them you can use that time to combine the two enclosures and neutralise it all with vinegar.

Even if the first bond doesn't work out, I'd definitely try again with other bunnies.