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23-01-2014, 07:02 PM
My Conti is slowly working her way through our bathroom door, frame and skirting boards. She has also chewed a massive bit out of the linoleum in the kitchen. We are in a rented house. My oh is not happy and I'm stressed about it. I posted before about what I could use to repair but now I'm after ideas on how we can protect said frames and door once it has been fixed. We can't move her to another part of the flat. I am thinking about bonding her with my single female and getting a rescue male and having a trio but this is not going to be for a while as she needs spaying and we need to save for a shed/aviary. Any suggestions welcome.

23-01-2014, 07:18 PM
I use plastic cornering on all of my furniture in my room. I also offer them many, many different things to chew, in the hopes that it distracts them. Most of the time they are content to chew their kiwi sticks and wood gnaws, but they do still try to chew my door, bed and other things that I have been unable to cover. Lino is a big no-no for my lot...they'd rip it up immediately, so why not use carpet tiles or cover the areas with vet bed?

23-01-2014, 07:28 PM
I thought of a plastic covering of some kind. How do you fix it in place? She has got loads of toys and things to chew but she prefers the doors. I could try carpet tiles although she would prob rip those up aswell.:roll:

23-01-2014, 08:41 PM
You can get kick plates for door, will leave a couple of screw holes but much easier to repair than chew holes. Edging for under plaster is good for corners, again, screwing it on is easiest.

I'd look at why she is chewing too, providing some apple tree branches and more activities may help :)

24-01-2014, 12:17 PM
The plastic cornering I put on with bond. They can't chew them, because they can't get purchase, so using the bond was safe as they can't get to it. I have not got it on my door, because the door probably wouldn't close. Fiver only chews my door when it's open a bit. He using his teeth to open the door enough to get his nose through. :roll: If it was open all the time, he'd probably sit and chew it. Can you keep the door closed so she can't get at it?

24-01-2014, 02:22 PM
I am trying to rotate her toys so she doesn't get bored and hiding her pellets in boxes etc. The door is always shut but it's got panels that are indented so she can get grip on those. The door frames are the worst tho. If it comes to it we will replace all frames and the door if we was to move out but in the meantime I'm concerned case we get a check from estate agents. Cheers for your advice though:)