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22-01-2014, 11:39 PM
Anybody else out there with house bunnies (free range) that just dont seem to like interacting with their human?! My pair frank and betty are right grumps! They sleep in our bedroom now under the bed all day and at night they pop into the lounge for dinner / toilet a lie down and in the mornings they binky round the bed and chase around in the hallway so they seem pretty happy. But the minute I dare to go over and offer a nose rub I get a few seconds before they shuffle off ! Am I doing something wrong or are some bunnies just not that fussed about being petted etc ? My other 2 bunnies Ted and Mable are the opposite. ..they love my nose rubs/cuddles / kisses etc :)
I thought frank and betty may have the hump because they know there are other buns about but I know that they were a bit grumpy before we even had the others. Mayb they just like the quiet life ?!?

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23-01-2014, 12:27 AM
I dont think you are doing anything wrong. Are they affectionate with each other?
I think just like humans bunnies have their own personalities and some are just not fussed by humans.
Jimby is a real snuggle bun and seeks me out for cuddles and kisses but Cookie is not too bothered, sometimes she gets grumpy if I am snuggling with Jims and its either because she is jealous or she doesnt want me fussing her husband! :lol:

Hugo's There
23-01-2014, 10:19 AM
If they are running about and binkying then they are definitely happy enough. There are plenty of rabbits that don't like human interaction and there are certainly a lot more who only want interaction when there is food offered! :lol:

I would say just sit back, watch them play and enjoy them :love:

susie bun
23-01-2014, 11:22 AM
Spenser is not a people bunny. He will sometimes put his down to be petted, and enjoys having his fur ruffled - but only on his terms and when he is in the mood. He is a very food-orientated bunny. :p Some of his grumpy expressions are priceless ... and he is well capable of making me feel unwelcome in my own bedroom! :roll: But I love him as he is. :love:

23-01-2014, 12:32 PM
Ah cheers guys :) It does upset me a bit ...franks always been nervous and grumpy but betty was a cuddly bunny before she got with frank ! Hes rubbed off on her lol. They do snuggle together but not all day. They always sleep in the same area (under my bed) but sometimes not right next to each other. At about 4pm they normally move to the radiator and snuggle next to each other. If I get the treats out they suddenly rush to my feet and binky then clamber over me to get the treats haha. Bit one sided hey ! I also notice that when they have trips to the vets they put their paws up on me to ask for a cuddle so they obviously love me sometimes hehe :)
My Oh says they are just a moody pair of bunnies and they just must like their own company .

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23-01-2014, 12:53 PM
Mine are free range in our flat but have their own room. When we just had Olly he was a very cuddly bunny and demanded lots of attention and head rubs. He followed me everywhere and always sat in the front room with us. Since we got Chloe he doesn't seem so fussed and now spends the majority of his tme in their room as Chloe is still quite cautious about coming out. It makes me a bit sad that Olly doesn't seem to want me unless I have food but at least he is happier now he has bunny company.

23-01-2014, 01:10 PM
Ah thats sweet that olly has a gf now :) We have just got Mable for Ted . Teds my shadow atm and also lives me cuddling him but I reckon once he gets his paws on Mable then he will soon forget about me hehe . As long as the bunnies r happy then thats wot matters. Im sure they like living with me really lol :)

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