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18-01-2014, 06:20 PM
Hi:wave: Me again!
Just debating an idea in my head at the moment. Snow (my little nethie) currently lives upstairs in the spare bedroom in a large indoor cage with free range time.

I'm wanting to move him downstairs into the lounge (where he spent about a month before Christmas). A few reasons for this move...the main two being that:
1) he would have constant free range time of the lounge...opened out to the whole of the downstairs when hubby and I are home.
2) more attention/company from us as he would be around us (rather than upstairs in the bedroom).

Hubby is happy for Snow to move permanently downstairs on the one condition that the lounge remains a lounge and not too 'rabbity' (he's not a fan of the large indoor cage in the room).

I've thought about not having a base at all, but Snow does like having somewhere to go and chill out which is his space, so I think he would miss having somewhere to go.

The idea I have had is to get a simple 3ft wooden indoor hutch and paint it/ alter it sightly so it looks more subtle and blends into the furnishings.

I know a 3ft hutch is very very small, but I must stress that this would never be closed....purely a place for his hay and litter tray and for him to go to to sleep/chill out if he wanted quiet time. Also, I like the fact a hutch would provide a dark/closed off area where he might want to go to get away from us if he wants to.

What do you think? I'm also struggling to find a 3ft hutch (one with no felt roof)!

18-01-2014, 06:35 PM
Could you or your OH make something?


Or you can turn a chest of drawers easily into a hideout;