View Full Version : Kira has UTI and now Eva has a wet bottom!

14-12-2013, 01:27 AM
Not been here for a fair while so hello all! It's been a long week... Monday Kira had urine down her leg, I cleaned her up and got her to the first free appt knowing it'd likely be UTI which it was. She was still eating, drinking and seemed happy and today she seems back to her normal self and completely dry and urinating properly.

I've just rechecked them all and now Eva is wet, urine on her legs and tail and is kicking at me as I'm just trying to clean her up a bit *sigh*

I didn't think cystitis was contagious? Or is it in rabbits? The girls live with two boys in a foursome, all neutered. Eva is 5, Kira is 6 and the only thing I can think of that has changed in their diet is that all 6 of my rabbits have gone right off the latest batch of SS Mature... I'm guessing the recipe has changed?

I mix normal SS with Mature and they've just been leaving all the mature. They've been on this diet for 3 years now. Hay the same. All drinking normally. All behaviour seems normal, poos all great looking.

Now concerned that all 4 of them are going to end up with UTI.

Working first thing but will be taking another trip to the vets in the afternoon.

14-12-2013, 06:46 AM
Sorry to hear that two of your Rabbits are having problems. It may just be an unfortunate coincidence that Eva has now developed the same symptoms as Kira. I would ask the Vet to check for any signs of bladder sludge in both Rabbits. This can be the primary cause of a UTI. Bladder sludge occurs when an excess of calcium sediment builds up in the bladder. SS pellets are alfalfa based, alfalfa being high in calcium. If the Rabbits are less active now they are more mature (although not old!!) this can contribute to the development of bladder sludge.

Good luck at the Vets xx

14-12-2013, 05:34 PM
Dry today and vet not convinced UTI, said may have sat herself in Kira's wee but there was no wee for her to sit in :-(

Abx given anyway and being a pain to deal with (easiest rabbit to handle until it comes to meds).

Kira seems better anyway and will keep an eye on both of them, they seem to be weeing without pain in the tray.

What other foods are good these days for buns aged between 4-8? As will consider changing all 6 of them over towards the end of this batch.

14-12-2013, 05:44 PM
If you are looking specifically for a low calcium pellet there is this one