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13-12-2013, 10:04 AM
My new bunnies are called Bumble and Blossom they are brother and sister but they don't look it she looks like a mini lop (butterfly pattern) and he looks like half dwarf lop half giant! (Harlequin pattern) He is just so massive and heavy he can't be a mini and I'm not even sure if he is dwarf lop.
They are apparently brother and sister. He has been neutered and she has not been spayed yet. I know that boy bunnies still hump other bunnies even though their neutered but I have never seen him do this? I don't want him to do it as his little sister is very much like a little sister, she's way smaller he is clearly in charge she copies him and he is always pushing her around, sitting on her, pushing her out of their house, they will be exactly 7 months old tomorrow.

Can anyone explain the breed colour size of them, and why is he not being "boyish"

susie bun
13-12-2013, 01:45 PM
I don't have experience of young buns as my Spenser was 7 months and fully grown to me, but if Mum and Dad were different sizes I imagine their could be size as well as colour variation in the litter. It sounds (to a non-expert anyway) as if a breed other than mini-lop has definitely been involved in the parenting of your buns.