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14-11-2013, 04:37 PM
Can anyone let me know what else to do to protect my bunny- hopefully bunnies throught the winter , i have tarpaulin over the top of the cage but i was maybe thinking about buying a smaller cage to bring them inside as im worried it might get too cold for them thank

14-11-2013, 04:54 PM
How old are they? How long have they been outside? Has the front of the hutch got a cover?

14-11-2013, 07:52 PM
Having 2 bunnies helps a lot, as they'll keep each other warm. Tarpaulin works well to keep the rain/snow out, but really you need some insulation. An old duvet works well if you cover it with tarp so it doesn't get wet, or you can get lots of bubblewrap and tape it around the hutch (leaving the front open). Make sure the tarp you're using is 100% waterproof and not the rubbish blue type that lets water in. Make sure you put in plenty of hay to snuggle into. Microwaveable snugglesafes are amazing and really if you have a single rabbit it would be a good idea to use it every night. As long as your bunny isn't very young, very old or already poorly, he should do fine outside as long as you help him in these ways - bunnies are designed for colder temperatures, and as long as they have had chance to grow their winter coat they'll be okay in most cases.

If you want to bring it/them inside then that's fine, but you must either have it/them inside or outside. You can't have them outside and then bring them in for cold nights - it'll mean that they'll start to shed their winter coat or even not grow it in the first place which means they'll be very cold when they go back outside, and potentially perish in the cold temperatures. Also bringing rabbits between indoors and outdoors frequently means they can get snuffles - which sounds cute, but is actually quite a serious respiratory illness.

If you do bring it/them inside then you will need a good size of accommodation. A large (XXL type) dog crate works well as a base - but they also need a puppy pen attached permanently to exercise, plus as much time free ranging as possible. It's simply unfair to shut them in anything that's any smaller. You can usually put them back outside in around April/May time depending on the temperature, so do be prepared to keep them in for that long. If you do put them out before then then there's a high chance that they may unfortunately die due to the fact that they'll have no winter coat at all.

We can help advise more about weatherproofing/winterproofing and also indoor setups :D Feel free to ask away!

P.S just wanted to make sure that their outdoor accommodation is a proper waterproof hutch rather than a plastic cage with bars on the top? It sounds stupid to ask, but unfortunately I've seen it before :(

14-11-2013, 10:54 PM
Thank you , my boy has a wooden cage with thick green tarpaulin on the top I think I might get a bigger bit to put around the side for extra warmth, he is on his own at the min we lost his girlfriend about 14days ago so I am now looking for another for him he is just a year old .

14-11-2013, 11:54 PM
Ive got a heat pad for my bunny and we pack plenty of hay in, we've also given her a hand towel to snuggle with as she doesn't tend to bite things like that, although we check it several times a day. For the outside of the hutch we've got a Perspex cover for when it rains, then at night we add a tarpaulin, then a carpet, then another tarpaulin. The carpet was really cheap, an off cut from a carpet shop and its a big size too so we can do a double layer :) hope that helps :)

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15-11-2013, 10:33 AM
You can cover the hutch with silver loft insulation from places like b&q, homebase etc to help insulate it.

I use snugglesafes if I have any singletons (temporary) but pairs/groups snuggle together to keep warm.