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14-11-2013, 01:47 PM
Little Daphne Bun is reaching 6 months of age now (or there abouts) & is almost ready for her spay.. She's probably ready now, but I'm nervous & in denial I think!!

Because she's not yet been spayed, she is still in her own space. She currently has a cage/run combo.. But I have found her, on numerous occasions, outside the run!! She's hiding in places she shouldn't be going in. I figure she gets out anyway, I should take the run away to stop her from potentially hurting herself. This morning I found her ON TOP of her cage - this makes me nervous as she could get her feet stuck & break a leg!! :(

So I need ways to block off certain areas in the room to stop her from injuring herself & doing damage to some of the items in there. What is the best thing to use? I wouldn't want to use anything like chicken wire because she might cut herself - but is there a bunny friendly version that I could use?

Any advice would be great.. And low cost ideas if possible at all :) Thank you in advance!

14-11-2013, 02:00 PM
What do you need to block off? I have perspex so Doughnut can't get behind the sofa and because it's clear no one notices. I have cable tidies and put some cables behind a sheet of perspex and also use plastic corners on the edges of my walls so she can't nibble them. Doughnut now free ranges all day.

Maybe a few photos will help, what you have now and what you need to corner off.

I don't recommend chicken wire and also like you say you need it sorting quickly before there is an accident.

16-11-2013, 02:25 PM
Putting a blanket or towel across the top of the cage could be an idea too ;)

I have a table runner going across the top of mine :)

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16-11-2013, 02:38 PM
Sorry I didn't reply! I read replies on my mobile, but I couldn't log in. Lol. I've just got back from B&Q this afternoon.. Blasted rabbit was out twice this morning!! Once I found her just hopping about the room - which isn't a worry, she has no front teeth so can't chew anything she shouldn't, there are no wire in there anyway :) There are just a few things I want to protect from her.. One of which is my OH's DVD cabinet which she keeps getting into! I don't want her to pee on his DVDs :/ Ack.

I've got some plyboard type stuff to put across the top of her cage - I worry if I don't, she'll break her leg jumping off!! Not good. Some more to block off the cabinet & a bit more to block off the back of the cupboards in the room. I will take photos once I'm done :) She is not happy at all atm because I've had to lock her in her cage to stop her getting into trouble.

ETA - Now I just need toy ideas!! She's already got a few tunnels/bridges, plus a baby rattle, treat ball. I've just got her a child's step so she can jump up & down onto the cage easier.. What else can I get her? She's, obviously, not a chewer.. Lol. But she loves to explore places, jump onto things & go into things. I gave her some of Niles' toys cos he just wasn't interested in them (Like a big tunnel).

01-12-2013, 07:36 PM
metal pen panels if you attach cable ties a certain way they are hinged, We find its the best thing..even around a fan base that became a weed on spot..all the time...across and around the tv unit to protect the wires....
They are wonderful escapees.....our first house bun had to have her incisors removed due an accident when i moved her water bottle and it flipped up and knocked a tooth loose..its why i hate drinking bottles. But before that she destroyed anything and everything despite having human attention and three cats who she used to play with..or rather shed play they'd either leg it or join in.!! she was so upset that she could only go into my eldest daughters room and suck on the edges of her posters instead if eating them!
She loved playing with a cheap football...pushed it up and down our lounge with her nose!! Anything that made a noise..or she could throw....and the usual cardboard box with a door hole cut out on the far left of the widest part and another on the far right of the narrow end. she was a digger...so we used to put shredded paper in it for her...nope she went and dug at the carpet till shed made a hole!