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11-11-2013, 10:30 AM
Hello. My name is Marko, I'm from Croatia and am soon to be bunny owner. My family has been breeding rabbits for comercial purposes for almost a year now, and in early October two of our does gave birth. I instantly fell in love with three little creatures, a melanistic Californian (Melchior(M)) and two mixes (Karo(M) and yet unanmed baby girl). So, I am planning on keeping them as pets. Now, my problem is housing. As they are currently 4 and 3 weeks old, they still live with their mommies, but I will have them in my room as soon as they are ready to go. Considering there is three, two boys and a girl, should they be kept in group or separated? Is it possible to have this combination? Also, what to house them into. The best opportunity I have is eaither 107cmX70cmX75cm dog cage, that, if I get it, am planning putting an aditional level to. The cage is closed on the top, so there is no way for them to escape. My other option is a 8 piece puppy pen, if put rectangular, would be 122cmX61X91cm. Also, I will be letting them free range around the house most of the time, but they will spend nights inside their cage, just in case.

So, can you please give me some advice?

11-11-2013, 01:06 PM

I wouldn't have them together ..maybe the boys together. Not sure! You don't want an accidental litter. You could have them separate, neuter them, wait 6 weeks, then rebond :)

For 3 rabbits a 107cm cage isn't big enough, it's not big enough for a single bunny so a puppy pen is a much better idea :)
Some ideas -


Rabbits are crepsecular (sp?) which means they are awake during dawn and dusk, when most owners are asleep, so they still need plenty of space at night too :) With rabbits, bigger is better! The same with hamsters, guinea pigs etc. Bored, cooped up rabbits can become hutch/cage aggressive, bully/attack each other due to lack of space, chew bars (which can become a learnt behaviour!), muscle wastage etc. So best to spend the money and get it right the first time :)

11-11-2013, 07:05 PM
im wondering the same thing!

id suggest a puppy pen for you because 102cm isnt big enough for one bunny,let alone 3!
i want to put my bunnies indoors but i dont want them to dig my carpet,yet i cant find a puppy pen with a floor in,so it might have to be a large dog crate!

if i was you,i'd keep the boys together and separate the girls until you get them spayed/neutered then re-bond them

and also you can get the 8 sided dog pens but buy say two packets and then join them together:thumb: