View Full Version : Rabbit proofing your house the best way? !

03-11-2013, 08:31 PM
Hi as some of you may know I have 2 indoor rabbits. I don't consider them house rabbits because they don't have free run of the house but supervised time out in a 'safe' area.

My partner and I would like to make our downstairs free run for the rabbits. We've pretty much sorted it by organising cables etc but we have two problem areas. 1) the wifi table - we have lots of wires and there's no where else to put them 2) the tv stand - it's glass with sharp corners and although the wires behind are now much more tidy they are still accessible by the buns so obviously not suitable.

Can anybody who has house rabbits offer any advice? ! I think I'm going to get some cable runner things to house the wires on the way home from work tomorrow but was wondering if any of you have tried and tested any unique ways?

I'm in no hurry as my rabbits have lots of play time as it is but at the moment it's closely monitored and we'd prefer to not have to watch them per se we'd rather say watch tv and know they're safe hopping around nearby.

Thanks! :-)

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05-11-2013, 09:23 AM
We only had wires around the computer and the tv, out tv table is also glass.

The computer has now died so only have the tv table around which I put 3 puppy pen panels when we arent in the room.