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01-11-2013, 03:48 PM
I've got a hutch that's 6ft x 2ft x 2ft for my bun and am looking for ways to make it cosy and dry for her over the winter. At the moment all she has is a plastic sheet that covers the front mesh part when it rains. I can't have her indoors over the winter so want to make her hutch as toasty as possible. Please let me know what the best ways are to do this...thanks :)

01-11-2013, 03:55 PM
I have bubble wrap and plastic over the hutch but going to get a waterproof picnic blanket for the front, then I'll put the bubble wrap over the roof and the back of the hutch.

This is the hutch (ignore the rope, that was to stop the wind blowing it away the other day!)-


And over the hutch/run I've got the tarpauling, that stretches from the back to the front, a perfect fit! I attach it with toggles and it's pegged into the ground.


With the shed rabbits I'm getting a hutch to use as a hay loft, they'll still have their litter trays and hay racks etc but I just want somewhere that they can go if they choose to:)







01-11-2013, 05:26 PM
Personally if I had a hutch I'd get some cheap duvets and tie them around it with some string. Cover everywhere apart from the front. These will stay on permanently. If the bottom is touching the ground I'd raise it up with some bricks, and then fill the gap at the bottom with duvet (but use some waterproof membrane on the bottom) or just lots of bubblewrap. Then wrap that securely with plenty of plastic or other waterproof material. Groundsheets or clear plastic sheeting would be perfect. Tie this up really well! Then I'd try to get some polycarbonate sheeting and cut it to fit directly into the mesh areas, and just slot that in (and maybe use some turn buttons to keep it in). I'd glue/staple/sellotape bubblewrap to that too. Make sure to leave a gap or a decent sized hole to allow a bit of air in. Then I'd get a big waterproof tarpaulin (i.e. the clear ones, or another type of strong waterproof sheet) and drape this from the top over the front and use bricks or bungee cords to keep it down.

The duvet will keep the hutch toasty warm, but it's important to insulate the bottom too. Covered well with waterproof sheeting, this will last well and should be able to be used next year. The shutters for the mesh parts will cover those up well and cheaply, but still let in light. The big waterproof sheeting for the top will protect well from rain/snow.

Is there a run attached? Big waterproof sheets are great to keep it dry. I always completely cover the top of the run to allow bunny to use it in the rain too. In winter, I screw polycarbonate sheeting to the side to protect from rain and wind (and combinations of the two!). This polycarbonate sheet worked well for me http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330943063072?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649, but obviously it might only be worth it if you have a run that you can use it all up on!