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18-10-2013, 11:33 AM
An odd topic I know but bear with me. I am currently bonding or trying to bond two of my buns and one thing that keeps coming up which I have also seen in other does is the fear of being mounted by a male (don't worry all our buns are neutered). Most does seem to react defensively and then aggressively so I wonder if sex is painful for them and if does have a hymen like humans which hurts when broken. Also in some cases the male seems to pin the doe down and bite the back of her neck whilst doing the business. That seems extremely violent to me, like rape maybe. It just seems to me its the male who gets the most pleasure and the females don't get any at all.

I know that they are animals and I'm not trying to anthropomorphize them because I realize that perhaps rape or dislike of sex either doesn't exist or is irrelevant in the animal kingdom because of the overruling desire to procreate and ensure survival.

But I'm not sure what to think sometimes. Of all my rabbits only a couple of does seemed to enjoy sex, most couples didn't bother but those that do or did there was a definite issue for the does.

18-10-2013, 01:37 PM
Interesting topic. Nutmeg is VERY resistant to any male humping her. I've only once seem a rabbit succeed and that was actually Mini when they were in a small enclosure and Nutmeg couldn't go anywhere. Thats in stark contrast to Mini who never ever minded when Mischa humped her but I've never seen Smudge attempt it.

Nutmeg was at a breeder's before going to my friend's and ultimately ending up here with me. The breeder told my friend Meg was no good for breeding because of a 'hereditary mark in her eye' however, Mark said that's a scar from an eye injury. I suspect she wasn't any good to the breeder because of not letting a male mate with her.

Rupert & Tia
18-10-2013, 02:00 PM
Interesting... Tia won't allow rupert to mount her.... she's not violent just moves and he gives up.... she mounts him ALL the time and bites him while doing it (doens't break skin - more grabbing his fur) - looksawful but he's not bothered by it

18-10-2013, 02:03 PM
It's not like male rabbits make them feel good about themselves lol. But apparently in the wild it's the does that hit on the bucks by chasing them (which is why does often instigate chasing during the bonding process apparently) it's literally kiss chase but with one of two outcomes; the dirty, or a fight (but in neutered rabbits it's more a friendship or a fight). Obviously with domestic rabbits the does have less choice. I think about the first doe we tried to bond Buckley with; her backstory involved being kept in a tiny hutch with two unneutered bucks and falling pregnant by both of them. Buckley has never tried to mount another rabbit but she was so determined that he would not get a chance to mount her that she was very aggressively dominant. She's been bonded with another rabbit now and they're happy but even though her new boyfriend adores her she occasionally needs to remind him that she is the boss, and I think it's because she has had to defend herself from bucks from day 1 of her life.

18-10-2013, 02:17 PM
I feel sorry for Biffy because he's a girl in the situation. He's always getting humped and dominated :lol:
Bramble doesn't take no **** from no man :lol:

18-10-2013, 02:19 PM
We completely screw up the courtship rituals because of the environment they are placed in (lack of space/group size), which I imagine has a lot to do with it.